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Save Time With These Six Tips For Effective Videos

Stepping up and doing your own videos, whether recorded or live, can be scary and uncomfortable, it was for me when I first started. The technology was what I found daunting. I had experience at speaking so I was fine to take that and fine tune it for videos. However, ...
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5 Strategies to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

In my last blog post I looked at the different fears relating to public speaking. Let’s have a look now at the strategies you can use to overcome those fears. Remember the first step is owning and acknowledging your fear.  Everyone gets nervous – you are not alone. In fact you ...
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4 Reasons Why Public Speaking Is the #1 Fear

I’ve often been asked why do people fear public speaking. Over the years I have been speaking and training and overcoming my own fear of speaking I have discovered there are several reasons - most of which come down to mindset, perceptions, lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence. I’ve ...
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Why Networking is Valuable and Essential

Network, Network, Network; you hear this all the time. Business coaches, Life coaches, Mentors all say you need to get out there and network. It can become quite overwhelming. Before you know it you could be attending network meetings morning and night, weekly, monthly and you start to think is this ...
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10 Things to Think About When Starting Your Business

Wow 2018 – the start of a new year.  I was giving some thought to the highs and lows of last year, lessons learned and challenges overcome as I prepared for a workshop I am presenting on Planning for Profit. This led me to think about my business and a ...
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Speaking For Success as a Leader

I am excited to be part of an amazing group of people who shared their thoughts on leadership in a No1 Amazon Best Seller – “Conceived to Lead: Dismantling the Glass Ceiling Mindset”. In doing so I became an International Best Selling Author. The amazing thing is that in achieving ...
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Ten Tips to Be An Effective Panel Speaker

Panel discussions can be an effective communication tool or a disaster fostering boredom and miscommunication.  Which do you want it to be? As a speaker you may find yourself being asked to be on a panel as a speaker more often than being asked to be a keynote presenter. Panel discussions ...
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Speaking for Success: Maintaining Your Balance In Speaking And Communication

What has balance got to do with speaking? Whilst it is a good idea to keep your balance when walking up to the stage, tripping is not good for your credibility, poise and confidence, the balance I advocate is when you are putting together your speeches, presenting them and in ...
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7 Storytelling Ideas To Connect With Your Audience and Clients

In a recent blog I shared the Power of Storytelling and the value it adds to your business and connecting with your clients and audience. The question that many of my mentoring clients and readers have asked is what stories do I share? Where do I get story ideas? Here are ...
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Speaking for Success: Importance of Being Authentic

You hear a lot at the moment about Like Know Trust being important to growing your business, getting clients and establishing your expertise and credibility status. The key to this strategy is being Authentic. Whether in your speaking or in your business you need to be you. It sounds simple however, ...
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