Social Media is great to connect with your clients. It can, however be very overwhelming. You need a plan, a goal, you need to know what you want to achieve. Here are some tips to be effective and make the connection:

  1. Great visuals. The visual content
    is what will catch people’s attention and have them check out your post. If you don’t have an image directly related to your business, you can use images from a free site like Pixabay or Unsplash or purchase from Deposit photos or 99 Stockphoto. Be aware of copyright when using images.
  2. Good copy. Think of the words you need to use to connect with your target market. Use good grammar, spelling, and appropriate punctuation with adequate spacing.
  3. Remember the 80/20 rule. Don’t sell every time. Don’t promote your business and products directly every time. Post about topics in your industry, share information or repost items from other people to build your credibility and engagement with a wider audience. 80% general topics, 20% selling and promoting.
  4. Hashtags. Hashtags are useful. They tell people what category your post falls into, and draws in more engagement from people checking out what’s new in that topic. Make them relevant to your post topic.
  5. Be brief. Don’t make your posts too long. Readers are skimming, they will stop to read because their attention has been caught. Time is precious they want to read a quick post get the information and move on. Use synonyms for longer words and keep your sentences short. Remember that your audience is very distracted.
  6. Post at key times. This varies by social media type, but your post will get in front of a large audience. You can do a quick Google search to see what days and times are best for the social media platforms you’re using.
  7. Involve. Engage with your groups, readers – start a discussion, use questions, polls, ask for comments.
  8. Persist. Keep trying, don’t give up. Sometimes it takes several posts to start to generate engagement. Be consistent. Try various posts to see what best connects and generates responses.
  9. Scheduling v live posts. There are times that scheduling posts is handy. However don’t make it continual – mix it with live posts that may be more current and responsive to trending issues.
  10.  Know your audience. Know where your clients and audience are – which social media platform, which groups. Different social media platforms are geared towards different users. Posts you put on Instagram may not generate the same response if used on LinkedIn.

Your challenge is to implement at least four of these tips to be effective in Getting Known Being Seen on Social Media ….

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