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What Exactly is a Mentor?

I Believe in You Until You Believe

in Yourself


I believe a mentor is someone who believes in you when you don’t, someone who holds a mirror up for you to see yourself, some one who supports and provides a safety net to catch you when you stumble, some one who pushes you beyond your comfort zone, who listens, who asks the difficult pointed questions and who holds you accountable.

Are you ready for a mentor? If this resonates with you let’s have a conversation. Book a COMPLIMENTARY  Zoom Discovery Session with Trish – in 15 minutes explore the possibilities and outcomes of having Trish for your Mentor. 

How many times have you missed opportunities because you let fear of presenting, fear of speaking, fear of the unknown stop you?

Are you ready to step out on your personal growth journey, are you ready to become an Influencer? 

If you feel invisible, feel no-one is listening to you, vulnerable when speaking, overwhelmed, self-conscious, tongue-tied, anxious about speaking, you could benefit from the advice and assistance of your experienced mentor.

All packages are designed to meet the individual and/or company requirements. Ask about not for profit/Foundation packages.

Is this You?

Are you ready to step up and transform your business with speaking and communication?

Do you want support, accountability, strategies to expand your business and get known be seen?

Do you want to be the GO TO PERSON in your business, your niche?

Do you want to be more effective at networking and sharing your message and passion?

Do you want personal guidance and support?

Are you prepared to commit time and investment to being all that you can be and shine?

Do you want to work with a Gold  International Award Winner Mentor?

Complimentary Zoom Session


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Have something more custom in mind?

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Package Takeaways (Online & VIP Packages)

  • Speaking skills to effectively present – templates and strategies
  • Keynote Presentation – outline and preparation
  • Techniques and Strategies for Videos and Facebook Lives
  • Strategies to leverage your business/book/message and increase sales
  • Strategies to handle media interviews- radio, TV, podcasts
  • Powerful PowerPoint Presentation
  • Strategies for video marketing
  • Confidence and self-belief to make speaking easy and share your message
  • Skills for communicating at conferences and network meetings
  • Templates for impromptu speaking, network introductions, perfect your pitch with PREP
  • Strategies to repurpose and leverage to prevent content burnout
  • Social Media planner
  • Strategies for blogging and articles
  • Speaker One Sheet and Media One Sheet
  • Outline /Template
  • Support, Knowledge and Accountability from a multi-international award winning mentor


I Can Also Speak at Your Events

A speaker can make or break your event. With Trish Springsteen we guarantee that you will be…inspired, motivated, enlightened and entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Creative Business Consultant?

As a Creative Business Consultant I work with you to Get Known Be Seen. Together we look at what areas in your business can be expanded and enhanced to make it easy for your clients to find you.

This could be as simple as doing an introduction at a network meeting, creating a blog,  or as complex as planning an online course or  webinar, doing videos and live streaming, maximising your expertise with speaking and presentation skills.

It could be helping your sales and business teams enhance their speaking and communication skills.

Let’s have a conversation.

How Do I Know if a Creative Business Consultant and Coach Is Right for Me?

Do you feel overwhelmed with producing content?

Do you feel invisible – making it hard for your clients to find you?

Is your organisation or business experiencing loss of productivity, loss of credibility, time, money due to miscommunication?

Do you want support, accountability and strategies to expand your business and Get Known Be Seen?

Would you like to be more effective in presenting and inspiring your team, your clients?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions and are prepared to comit time and investment to your personal growth and your businss – then a Creative Business Consultant and Coach is just who you need!

Let’s have a conversation.


Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

I work with new businesses, new companies as well as established businesses and companies, micro, small and large.

From an idea to creating new energy – let’s have a conversation

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Absolutely – scroll up and see which Mentoring Package resonates with you.

Or let’s have a conversation about designing a package that suits you and your business.

“Trish’s passion and love for helping people find their voice blows me away. Her skill at drawing out people is incredible.  There is something inspiring about working with someone who understands human beings.  I love Trish’s commitment to her craft and clients. I’ve see her work magic.”

Annette Densham

CEO, Publicity Genie

“A mentor that encourages, a mentor who guides you to stretch and reach that bit further, when you think it’s a bit tough and to challenge you when you seem to be slowing. I totally encourage anyone to connect with Trish Springsteen. She has been my rock for the past 12 months and I am so grateful she crossed my path. A beautiful soul and a mentor who connects with you; for you; on your journey.”

Janice Muir

Author, The Well Used Key - Unlock Your Inner Guide

“Trish has been a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, passionate and committed to your outcome and your ongoing success. As a result of the mentoring I will start follow up, accountability and plan, be more confident and believe in myself. I would highly recommend Trish for your speaking mentoring. Thank you Trish”

Ronnie Benbow

Co-Founder, The Carers Foundation

Purple Unicorn® Marketing Academy

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

For Business Start Ups and Those Wanting To Know How to Get Known Be Seen

Repurposing and Leveraging to Market Your Business.

Have you bought into the marketing myth – you have to outsource your marketing/you need to get a big company to do the marketing/you can’t do it yourself/ it costs money to market?

The best person to speak about your business, your message is you!

When you join the Purple Unicorn® Marketing Academy we work with you to show you how to confidently, cost effectively market and promote you and your business.

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