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 – Make it easy for your clients to find you by adding value to your business with speaking and communication


Want access to over 20 years experience in speaking, writing, advocating?  Join Trish’s Membership Community.  Get access to Ebooks, checklists, templates,  on a range of topics designed to assist you in making it easy for your clients to find you, in speaking, personal growth, leadership and communication.

In addition get access to one video each month on a different topic.  Topics include:

1. Your speaking journey

2. Putting together your speaking package

3. Handling Stress

4. Getting Known Being Seen with Video

5. Power of PowerPoint

6. Leaving a Legacy – find your story – write and share

7. Getting Known Being Seen in the Media

8. Getting Known Being Seen  n Online Courses

9. Speaking for Success as a Leader

10. much more – over 20 years of accumulated content

Not sure which community is for you or want to know more?  Book a  COMPLIMENTARY  Zoom Discovery Session with Trish – in 15 minutes explore how you can add value to your business.  See how you can transform your business with increased leads and closed sales by adding speaking, communication and training to your marketing and business plans.

Two options – see below and make your choice Gold membership AUD 47/month or Platinum membership AUD 97/month if you would like access to mentoring and coaching.

Get access now to content, information, expertise from an International Award Winning Mentor, an International Best Selling Author, Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts. Make it easy for your clients to find you join Trish in her Membership Community ...


Do you want to know how you can leverage your business with speaking and communication?

Are you leaving money on the table because your business is not moving forward?

Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your business?

Do you want to be more effective at networking and sharing your message and passion?

Have you got expertise that you would like to monetise more effectively?

If any of these questions resonate with you then you need to book a FREE Zoom Discovery Session.

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Click here to download Trish’s 10 FREE TIPS for Improving Your Presentation.

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I Can Also Speak at Your Events

A speaker can make or break your event. With Trish Springsteen we guarantee that you will be…inspired, motivated, enlightened and entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Communication Coaching?
Your communication coach will assist you to improve your ability to communicate effectively, to articulate your ideas and opinions whether that be to individuals, small or large groups, personally or electronically, in networking or formal presentations. Working with International Award Winning Coach and Mentor Trish Springsteen will give you the skills and confidence to excel.
What is the value of joining a membership community?
Want to have access to over 20 years of content showcasing experience, knowledge and expertise? Joining Trish’s Membership Community or the Book Marketing Club gives you access to Ebooks, videos, templates, checklists, workshops, information for an affordable monthly investment. Not sure which one suits – book a discovery session with Trish to discuss or check out the Membership pages on the website.
Do You have corporate packages?
Absolutely yes – Trish can work with you to personalise training and workshops to achieve increased productivity, increased communication and speaking skills and personal growth for your company, business, teams. managers and staff.

Trish also provides Corporate Coaching for individuals to achieve increased outcomes in speaking and communication.

Trish has provided training in Extended Communication, Networking, Presentation Skills and Leadership to accountants from Crosbie Warren Sinclair, executives from The IQ Business Group and Aurecon, scientists from Rio Tinto Alcan, engineers from James Hardy and property retail experts from Jones Lang LaSalle. See the Corporate Page for more information on available courses or book a discovery session to discuss your requirements with Trish.

Are you available to speak at our conference, event or meeting
Absolutely yes – Trish has been a Keynote Speaker and MC for conferences, events, gala dinners and meetings nationally and internationally. Her speaking events have included 2018 Westpac International Women’s Day Breakfast, HydroKleen Australia Conference, Brisbane EAN conference. Her MC events include the Personal Growth Expo, Australia Romance Readers Convention, Shave for a Cure event and Grafton Arts Fest Gala Dinner.
Trish charges AUD2,500 to AUD5,000 plus travel and accommodation depending on the event and whether it is a keynote, breakout or workshop.
See Trish’s Speaking Page on the website to download her Speaker sheet, photo and see her videos.
Book a time to discuss your specific requirements.
“Trish is an expert in the field of public speaking. I have engaged her services on two separate occasions and highly recommend her professionalism, knowledge and Trischel’s training and mentoring services.”
Juanita Anderson

Director, Wasabi Marketing and Design

“I just listened to you on the radio show. I love your pearls of wisdom about how to give positive feedback to encourage support grow and improve. You are an inspiration Trish. Thank you for your down to earth wisdom.”
Rhonda Ohlson

Women Shine

“I worked with Trish on a series of on line training programmes and was impressed with her speaking skills and range of experience when it comes to presentation and delivery. Trish has a wealth of knowledge and will instill confidence as a mentor, trainer and communicator. She has a unique and relaxed style of presentation.”
Mike Bennett

Director, Media Answers Australia

Purple Unicorn™ Marketing Academy

For Business Start Ups and

Those Wanting To Know How to

Get Known Be Seen

The Marketing Academy is for business owners and entrepreneurs - business start ups and existing businesses wanting to know how to showcase and market their business to be more visible. It is a community,  where you will find, support, skills and strategies to market your business. Over twelve months you will find the guidance, help, confidence and self-belief to speak out about your business - to share your message, your content, to market you and your business; and shine a light brightly for your clients and customers to find you and your business.

Get Known Be Seen with the the Marketing Academy. When you join the Academy Community you will find the skills, strategies and techniques to go  from Invisible to Influencer, from Frustrated to Formidable, from being Overwhelmed to Being in Control.

You've unlocked your message, started your business, shared your legacy, become an advocate for a cause, written your book - don't stop there, don't be selfish. Share your product, your services, your message, your book, your knowledge, your life experience, your expertise. Discover how to market your business, your book, your product, you; making it easy for your clients and customers to find you.  Someone needs to hear your message, discover your product, walk into your business, read your book, walk into your store to change their lives, to solve their problems. Discover the skills, tips, strategies to help them find you and their solution.

I know exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed, to be unsure how and where to market my business and expertise, how to share me with my clients.

When I first started my business and was faced with marketing that business - I was lost, had no idea what to do and did everything wrong and learned some valuable lessons on the way.

I have learned that all that I need to get my message and my  business out can be found in my business. Especially when you are first starting your business you may not have the funds to get your marketing done for you. You do not have to reinvent the wheel and pay large sums to market your business. Two of my favourite words are Repurpose and Leverage. Over the next twelve months we will work together to see the value of your business, your content and your expertise, the gold nuggets already lying there for you to find and discover that the word marketing does not have to be daunting, does not have to be expensive. You can do it and with the  Marketing Academy you will have the support to overcome that self-doubt, the techniques and strategies to market you and your business.

What does the Marketing Academy include:

1.  Once you have chosen one of the options below to join the Academy Community you will book in for a one on one planning session where together we will map out your personal twelve month marketing strategy for your business.  Value $297

2. Each week there will be a one hour Group Coaching Call.  This is where you join with your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to get the answers to any questions you may have, the support for any challenges that may occur, feedback and comment on what has or has not worked and why.  These Coaching Calls are valuable for support and accountability. They keep you on track to achieve the goals and strategies you mapped out in your Marketing Strategy Planning Session.  Value $297 per month

3. Access to 12 Masterclasses - These are the classes that will give you the techniques, skills, strategies, tips, tricks and technology to achieve your marketing goal, to repurpose and leverage making it easy for your customers and clients to find you. They will be available each month. The Masterclasses will focus on topics to assist you to build the confidence, skill to use various platforms to market your business  and build a following  ...  Valued at $197 per class

4. Working with a Creative Marketing Consultant, International Best Selling Author, an International Award Winning Mentor, Australia's Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts, someone who Believes in You until You Believe in Yourself, a person who knows personally what it is like to Get Known Be Seen, to market herself and her business, to be visible and make it easy for her clients to find her.  Value Priceless

Bonus:  each member of the Club Community will have a guest spot with Trish on Get Known Be Seen WebTV.

See the two options below choose one and click on the button - now is the time to start.  You have three choices - subscribe $100/month, one off payment for the twelve months or do nothing, be frustrated, be for ever wondering what you could have achieved if you took 60 seconds of insane courage, clicked on the button and started your journey.

Complimentary Zoom Session


Click here to download Trish's 10 FREE TIPS for Improving Your Presentation.

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