Following on from my last blog post ‘Save Time With These Six Tips For Effective Videos’, here are six more tips for effective videos. 

1. Think About SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Make it easy for people to find your videos. You want to connect with your potential clients, with your niche. Add in the details like creating a keyword-rich title, hashtags, and tags. On your YouTube channel give thought to the right categories for your video and provide a full description of the video including keywords, so that viewers know what to watch and why it’s relevant to them. 

2. Choose An Appropriate Thumbnail – YouTube lets you chose a thumbnail that best represents the content of the video. When you upload a video to Facebook you also get an option to choose a thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that first comes up when your video shows. You want to choose one that gets people’s attention. You can choose from suggested images from your video or in some cases you can create a customized thumbnail. It’s the little things that put the polish on your how effective your videos can be. 

3. Link To Your Website And Contact Details – Always provide links to your website, other social media, and contact details – email and or phone. Depending on the type of video you may also provide a link to a special landing page for a product or course, or a link to your author page on Amazon if the video is about your book. These links can be provided on an outro on your video, on the intro, or even as text during your video. If doing a Facebook Live Video you can put links in the comments and mention it during the video. 

4. Handling Comments – Encourage comments. You want to make connections and build relationships. The more comments and interaction the more your video will be seen.  When you get comments take the time to respond to each comment. Remember it’s about building relationships, the like, knowing, and trusting. 

5. Start Adding Captions/Subtitles – The reason you want to add captions is because over 80% videos on Facebook are watched without sound! There are several ways to add captions – you can use editing software like Camtasia and add the transcribed script. Camtasia will add these to your videos as captions. There is a software website like Recastly ( where you can upload your video and it will create the captions/subtitles for you. This is easy to use and very effective and my preferred method; however, there is a cost involved. At the time of writing, they did have a special lifetime offer. YouTube has options to add captions to your videos which include uploading a transcribe file, a caption file or automatically adding the captions. The automatic feature may not be perfect and may require editing. There are several videos and resources available via google and on YouTube which provide detailed instructions to assist you in adding your captions. Here are a couple that I have found useful: and  

6. Create Playlists For Your YouTube Videos – Playlists allow you to create a “greatest hits” list so that your audience can know what to watch on various topics. Go to your YouTube channel to uploads, select some videos, then click playlists, and create a new playlist. This will also help your videos rank higher and get more views. 

Have fun using these tips to enhance your videos and connect with your audience. If you have any other tips please share them in the comments… 

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