When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish enormous things. Self-belief is the foundation of succeeding in life and in business. It empowers you to overcome challenges, to defy the odds and to move forward.  Roadblocks become easier to handle and the negative thoughts and words from those who want to pull you down are easier to ignore.  When you truly believe in yourself you are powerful.

It’s not always easy to have that self-belief. Sometimes it takes work. It’s worth it as that self-belief gives you confidence in your actions. When I was growing up I was always encouraged to be and do all that I want to do.  These were positive supportive words that were just words until I truly believed in myself, my message and in who I am. That self-belief gave meaning to those supportive words.

So how do we work on our self-belief?

One of the first places to start is with your goals. Your goals give you a map on how to proceed. They are your guidance to achieving. As you work on your goals and you achieve so does your belief grow that it is possible.  That belief is the energy you need to take action. That energy helps you focus on getting tasks completed. Completing your tasks and achieving boosts your self-belief.

You will also build confidence when you have self-belief. It’s a powerful tool as others will be attracted to that confidence.  Confidence and self-belief attract people to you as you show them what is possible. You are becoming a person who influences, who steps up and shares who they are.

Get centered on why you started your journey. Use affirmations to reinforce your message and to overcome the negative mindset that may creep in and the negative forces that may come from family and friends. Be consistent with your affirmations.

Find a mentor you resonate with who will help you believe in yourself, support you, challenge you and hold you accountable. Join groups of like-minded individuals. They will provide encouragement, often friendships and certainly business partnerships. They will understand you when everyone else doesn’t.  They get you and in getting you they strengthen your self-belief.

Self-belief is powerful; it is the foundation on which you can build your success in life and business. It empowers you to grow and challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone. It allows you to be you!

As a shy introvert who had no confidence and self-belief I am now an introvert who knows how to harness my energy, to stand out, to be myself. Mentors and like-minded people have given me the confidence to believe. Overcoming my mindset and limiting beliefs through affirmations and thought change has strengthened that belief.

I am confident today in who I am and what I do. I am awesome!  Are you?

As a mentor I Believe in You until You Believe in Yourself! Are you ready to believe in yourself?

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I Believe in You until You Believe in Yourself

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