“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” Warren Buffett

In business every entrepreneur is looking for that special edge, the one that puts them in a more competitive position.   Many entrepreneurs are focused on such topics as customer satisfaction, more effective procedures, marketing, leads and sa


But I bet very few have considered improving the one thing that is at the core of all these problems.  It is a simple fact that effective public speaking and communication skills are extremely good for business.

In business today, there is very little activity at any level which does not depend on good communication skills. Public speaking is the tip of the communication iceberg.

The skills that you learn as a public speaker:

  • Know your audience
  • Know your message – what you want to achieve, what you want the audience to take away
  • The structure of your speech
  • Attention catching openings
  • Call to action conclusions
  • Storytelling
  • Connecting with the audience with eye contact, vocal variety and body language
  • Ensuring there is a balance between information and emotional connection
  • Being genuine and authentic
  • Paying attention to time
  • Adding humour to the mix
  • Good listening skills

All of these

skills are the same skills you need to be an effective communicator to connect with you clients, your customers, your team, your staff, your peers and your suppliers.

Worried about customer satisfaction?  Then having improved communication skills will have an immediate effect in this area.  Frustrated that you have to spend so much time in repeating requests; re-stating statements and fixing up the results of miscommunication?  Going into a boardroom to pitch your business? Just think how much more effective your time would be, how more successful you could be if you had developed and improved your personal communication skills.

And yet when considering what can be done to improve their position in the market, entrepreneurs rarely consider these skills and in fact very rarely include them as part of their business and marketing plans.

So what will you do to ensure that you are prepared in your business to succeed, to increase your leads, close sales, share your message, enhance your communication skills, have the confidence and skill to make a difference in others lives and have the confidence to grab opportunities?

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Trish Springsteen

Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author

Trish typically works with published authors helping them to turn their books into keynote presentations, with introverts giving them the confidence to come out from behind their computers and share their message and passion and with advocates helping them to have the confidence to step up and speak out.







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