A question that often gets asked is what makes a good speaker? In fact this is a question that I ask all my guests on my radio show. There are lots of answers that give a good indication of what you need to be a good speaker. 

What I have also discovered is that there are some common factors that elevate a speaker from good to memorable. Too often we concentrate on what irritates us about a speaker or what we dislike about a speaker. What is it that makes a speaker memorable? What is that has us thinking and remembering that speaker, or some of the words, phrases information that speaker shared, days, months even years after we heard that speaker? 

So from my discussions with audiences, other speakers, event organisers, my guests on my radio show, my corporate clients and my mentoring clients over the last 20 years, let’s have a look at what I believe are the differences between good v memorable speakers. 

Good Speakers have the following: 

Speaking Skills: they have started their speaking journey and have worked on enhancing their basic speaking techniques and strategies.   

Structure:  they know how to structure a presentation and put the basics to work. There is an opening, body and conclusion. They know what information they want to give and how to avoid overwhelm. 

Overcome Reluctance To Speak: they have worked on their mindset and have identified the fears that were holding them back from speaking. They have learned how to turn the nervous feeling into positive energy. Good speakers have found the 60 seconds of insane courage to step up, speak and share their message. 

Body Language: they know the value of adding non-verbal movement to enhance their verbal message. Good speakers have discovered what to do with those lead arms. They know that their face mirrors their thoughts and how to use eye contact to connect with the audience. 

Voice: they know the power of the voice and words. Good speakers know how to use their voice to connect emotionally. They know they have to be audible to be able to confidently share their message. They know the value of pause for effect to highlight important parts of their speech. 

The Speaking Area:  they know how to use the speaking are to achievement maximum effect. Good speakers know when to move and when to stand still. 

Good speakers have learned techniques, strategies and the business of speaking. 

Memorable speakers stand out and are remembered because: 

Stories: they know the value of stories to connect with the audience and be remembered. They are able to hook the audience into the story and know how to open the doors to their stories. Memorable speakers use their own stories, clients’ stories and other stories to highlight and share their message. 

Authentic And Genuine: they have the courage to be authentic and genuine. They walk the talk and open their hearts to the audience allowing them to see the person behind the speaker. Memorable speakers share who they are and what you see and hear when they are speaking is exactly what you see and hear when you meet them in person. They allow their passion to shine through their message. 

Connect With Audience: they make that subtle connection with the audience. Memorable speakers are the ones who are with the audience, know how to be flexible and change with the mood of the audience. They know when to change the direction, add an extra bit or omit something that is not working with the audience. They can read the audience moods. They speak with and have a conversations with the audience instead of speaking at the audience. 

Listen And Respond: they know how to listen to the audience, to the event organisers to provide what is best needed at that particular time. Memorable speakers use their listening skills to craft the message that meets the audience needs, to be able to respond to changes and to questions clearly and competently. They hear what isn’t being said and respond. 

Take You On A Journey: they know how to take the audience on a journey to achieve their goal or outcome they want from the presentation. Memorable speakers scoop you up and have the audience there with them on that journey. It is more than structure it is the whole package sharing points on the journey, the excitement at the beginning, the challenges and then the destination and the outcome. They don’t lose their audience in the wilderness, there is no side tracking – there is a clear destination and a journey that entices and excites. 

In The Moment And Enjoy: they are there focussed on the audience and the moment of connection and presenting. Memorable speakers enjoy what they are doing, enjoy speaking and sharing and they share that enjoyment with the audience. They are not distracted by outside events, challenges, personal issues. They are focussed on being there with the audience at that time and space. After all if the speaker doesn’t want to be there and isn’t enjoying themselves why should the audience be there and remember them. 

Where are you on your speaking journey? Are you a good speaker or a memorable speaker? Are you just starting out? Wherever you are on the journey keep moving forward and be the best you can be each and every time you speak whether it is to one or many, online or offline. 

What makes a speaker memorable for you? 

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