Many of our participants say they are so nervous that when they get up to speak the mind is blank. That wonderful speech has just vanished into thin air. There is an oft quoted saying –Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Prepare your topic – do your research- give your self plenty of time –do not leave things to the last minute. What you are doing is familiarising your self with the words you want to say. If you live your speech become familiar with it then when you get up to present it becomes almost second nature.

Practise your speech – not just in your mind but out loud. Use your family, video, cassette tapes. Whilst it may be scary the first time you see yourself or hear yourself it can be a valuable tool to improve content and presentation and to preventing those nerves in getting in the way of your presentation.

Have you ever worried about forgetting your speech. Most new speakers try to be word perfect. Don’t psych yourself up to forget. Using notes will assist with confidence when you first begin to speak. As soon as you try to remember your speeches word for the word – when the nerves start to impact you will find it hard to remember past that word you have forgotten. By using notes and talking to ideas or bullet points it prevents that one forgotten word proving a stumbling block.

Having practised your speech, become familiar with it and used your bullet points – when the nerves strike you won’t be left wordless – you will be comfortable with the concepts and able to speak to the general message you wish to impart.

Want more tips on how to prevent nerves getting in the way of a good speech see Trischel website for details on our communication seminars or contact

Trish from Trischel

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