May and winter has struck – have started the month with some very cold days …


Our May workshops for those in or around the Brisbane are:

24 May – Communication for Networking – Practical Skills for Effective Networking 
Networking is not about who YOU know – It is all about who knows you!  How well do people know you?
If you want to ensure that you are communicating your message clearly, concisely and coherently and making the most of every networking opportunity – this workshop is for you.
At the end of the workshop you will have discovered:
  • How  communication supports networking
  • How to get the most out of your networking
  • How to overcome performance anxiety
  • Putting together your 1 minute ‘Infomercial’
  • Learn the way to turn negative thoughts into more positive outlook
  • Different type of communication – which is the best for networking
  • Understand the impact your non verbal language has on your communication
29 May   Creating Confident Communicators  Public Speaking Workshop
Have you been dodging that presentation?  Fear of public speaking is one of the most restricting phobias of all.   Being unable to speak in public limits our ability to present ourselves in a confident and competent manner.  And yet it is also one of the easiest phobias to overcome. All you need to know are a few simple techniques to control your fears and a quickly learned knowledge of the real principles of public speaking. And you can learn all this in ‘Just One Day’. 
‘Just One Day’ is an innovative and interactive Workshop dealing with the techniques and principles of public speaking for the fearful!  Working from a premise that Public Speaking should be fun, Trischel have crafted a workshop that has helped hundreds of people to overcome that petrifying fear of standing up in public and saying something meaningful. And we promise it will do the same for you
Find How easy it is to stand up and speak in public with a workshop from Trischel.
 Trish Springsteen will also be presenting a training module for:
9 May  My Job Mentor – Job Seeker Help 2 Course– Interview Skills Techniques
Trish Springsteen will be speaking on:
13 May  In Life Now Radio  with Toresa Blakely  7pm Tuesday  ET USA  9am Weds Brisbane
21 May  Beacon Speed Career – Caboolture State High School
Trischel will be at the following Network Events :
Hope to see you there – come up and say hello
14 May  NRG Northside Newstead 4.00pm
20 May  National Speakers Association Australia Kangaroo Point 6pm
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