June and the first day of winter has dawned beautiful sunny weather ….

Our June workshops for those in or around the Brisbane are:
14 June  Putting Stress Into Perspective – Stress Management Made Easy
“Stress in the workplace is a growing concern for employees and employers in Australia. Figures show that while compensation claims made by Australian employees fell significantly between 1996 and 2004, the number of stress related claims almost doubled. Workplace stress can also impact employee productivity through increased absenteeism and presenteeism.”  Medibank Private August 2008
Stress has a direct effect on the health of workers and the productivity of companies. More than 3 million working days are lost in the UK alone, and this trend is being followed in Australia. – But not all stress is bad for you! So why not learn more?

Key Learning Outcomes
  • How to tell Good Stress from Bad Stress 
  • How to recognise the signs of stress in yourself and others
  • Learning simple techniques to diffuse stressful situations
  • Creating a stress free working environment
  • Taking time out to smell the roses
  • Positive thinking – a skill for managing stress
“Thanks Trischel, this was really informative. And I particularly liked the practical
suggestions.”  Melanie Richards – Putting Stress Into Perspective Workshop 
26 June   Advanced Communication – Interpersonal Communication for the Workplace
Do you want to take the step from  public speaking to being an Advanced Communicator?
The most successful business people today are those that have mastered the art of communication. These are the managers and leaders that can clearly and effectively ‘Inform, Instruct and Inspire’ – the three main functions of Business Communication.
The difference between being proficient in Public Speaking and being an Advanced Communicator is in creating real interpersonal communication in a business environment and for business purposes.
This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders, supervisors or owner operators who wish to improve their workplace communication. It is focused on professional interpersonal communication.

This workshop takes the participants beyond public speaking and into the day to day activities within any business where miscommunication can create havoc. With an increased understanding of the principles of communication, the knowledge that allows the right communication to be used in the right place, the busy manager will find themselves with more time, better understanding of what is going on and a more highly motivated team.
In just one day the participants will:
  • Understand the Theories and Processes of Communication
  • Learn the impact of Organisational Communication Structure
  • Learn the real nature of Human Communication 
  • Appreciate the full costs to business of poor communication skills
  • Recognise the instinctive barriers we all bring to communication
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Explore communication styles, what they are and when to use them
  • Learn how to facilitate group participation and effectiveness
  • Know the key to delivering accurate instruction and information
  • Learn the ‘Appreciation Feedback Loop’ for motivational performance assessment
  • Accept the inevitability of PowerPoint for public presentations and learn how to keep the audience awake
  • Deliver a structure PowerPoint presentation with peer assessment
I thought the experience, commitment and care of the presenters was the best ever I’ve been involved with in any training programme of any sort” – Stephen Caldel –Senior Business Analyst, IQ Business Group
Trischel will be at the following Network Events :
Hope to see you there – come up and say hello
4 June Northlakes Networking Northlakes 9.30am
11 June  NRG Northside New Farm 4.00pm
17 June  National Speakers Association Australia Kangaroo Point 6pm
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