What makes a good supervisor? There are a number of qualities and characteristics which indicate a good supervisor.

Here are some that I have identified, perhaps you can add to them.

  • Good technical skills – if you are not fully conversant with the job what value is your supervision?
  • Ability to plan ahead – Anticipating problems means that you are pro-active rather than reactive.
  • Encourage participation and involvement from the workforce – This allows the workforce to take ownership of their occupation.
  • Be Goal Orientated – understanding the importance of the task and being able to motivate the team to achieve it.
  • Be able to Perform under Pressure – The ability to sort out problems and handle people effectively and calmly regardless of the pressure to perform.

And finally –

  • Have good communication skills – a supervisor needs to be able to get instructions, ideas and information across to team members, colleagues and management.

And here is a question to consider and comment –

For some people their first promotion will be their last. Can a person remain effective as a supervisor for an indefinite period of time? What affect could that have on the workplace?

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