What is success? There can be as many different definitions as there are people to question. 

Should a person let society tell them what success is or should each person make that decision on their own? 

Let’s look at the different categories of success.  

Material success – This was probably the first definition of success to appear. In the time of the hunters and gatherers abundance was important to survive. The resources you had determined how successful you were seen to be.  This has carried forward and for many people today, success is defined by objects. Under this definition, a successful person has a number of material possessions, all of which demonstrate to the world at large the measure of that person’s success.  These can be large houses, multiple vehicles, expensive electronic devices, the latest trending items and fashionable clothes. 

For some the amount of money you have will determine how successful you are. Money is not only a measure of success; it is also a measure of security. Money can provide for the necessities of life, not only for you but also for those you love and who depend upon you for protection. For others money is the vehicle by which they can assist others and that assistance where, how and how often is their measure of success.  

Spiritual success is the exact opposite of material success. Instead of relying on external and material objects, spiritual success concentrates on internal development and often rejects the majority of material possessions completely. Over time spiritual success has often been linked to religion. How you feel inside, who you are and how you connect to the universe becomes your measure of success.  

When you speak about success it has been a choice between material or spirit. 

Does it have to be like that? Do you have to choose between spiritual and material? Or are there other options – different categories of success, different definitions? 

I believe you should develop what works for you.  What makes you happy – what is it that leaves you fulfilled? It can be combination of material and spiritual, it may be a feeling, an outcome. To determine your definition you need to know who you are, your why, what you love doing. You need to own who you are. Only then can you develop your measure of success. 

Define your success – be you don’t lock yourself into something that doesn’t make you happy, that doesn’t fulfil you. There is no right or wrong answer to this, no black and white, no choice only between material and spiritual – it’s what works for you. 

For me success is seeing my clients achieve and grow. Success is seeing others grow in confidence and self-belief to stand up and share who they are and what they do. Success is about abundance in clients for business growth, money to assist others and my family. Success is about my relationships – the longevity of my friends from school. We have met every year for Christmas lunch since we left school. Our friendship has been nurtured through challenges and the years. Very shortly my husband and I will have been married 42 years. That’s success to me. 

What is success to you? 

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