One of the most asked questions we get from our clients, after how do I overcome my nerves; is What Do I Say – how do I put my presentation together?
I love the above quote by Jodi Picoult – it really answers the question.  Just start writing – start putting thoughts down on paper.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t make much sense. What you are doing is starting to get the creative juices flowing.  The more you write the more it will start to sort itself into words that flow and soon you will find yourself sharing the message you want to.
You may just start with words, ideas that pop into your head.  This is particularly useful if you have not been given a topic to present or if the topic is very broad.  As you jot the words down you will find a topic or a message that resonates – then you can start jotting down thoughts, words and sentences that support that message.
Before you know it you will find the creativity and the message flowing.  Then you can start editing, refining and rewriting.
Some thoughts to keep in mind when you start the editing and polishing –

  • Think about your audience – who are they?
  • What message do you what them to take away?
  • How long do you have to speak – as a guideline in a 10 min presentation you really only have time to cover 3 main points.  Any more and your message could be lost in too many words.

Once you have got the body of your speech written then you can craft a great attention grabbing opening and a concise challenging close.  However, that’s the subject of another blog for another day.
Have fun writing – and by the way this method works just as well if you are starting out on writing your first blog.
Trish @ Trischel
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