Welcome to our new look ~ and we much appreciate the work done by Amanda Cockle from Designs in Digital for bringing us up to date. And while we are giving credit where credit is due, we would also like to thank David Wicks from dmwcreative at www.dmwcreative.com.au, who is responsible for the unique design which has become synonymous with Trischel. Thank you both.

We are pleased with the number of comments sent to info@trischel.com.au , but don’t forget to leave your comments on the blog itself. It’s always comforting to know we do not exist in solitary cyber-space!

If there is any particular topic you would like some information on, let us know and don’t forget to visit the website at www.trischel.com.au and register for our monthly newsletter of even more tips and tricks, with up to date information on upcoming seminars.

A quick ‘hi’ to all the people we met at the Women’s Network Lunch yesterday, Trischel is a great supporter of this innovative idea for women in business, and appreciate the support and information it provides. Check it out at www.womensnetwork.com.au

Enjoy our new look, and normal blogging will resume on Monday

Michele @ Trischel

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