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Welcome to Trischel Tips. We will be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to develop your public speaking and communication skills, enhance your leadership potential and begin your journey toward your own personal development.

We at Trischel are passionate about training. Michele and I will share with you some of the concepts we have learned about communication, public speaking, leadership and personal development.

Michele and I have many years experience in training and have been keynote speakers at conferences, spoken at varous community engagements and to business organisations. We have been MCs at community events and weddings.

Some of these events have been wonderful, outstanding- others have been great learning experiences. We will be sharing those wonders and learning exeriences with you.

Whenever we first speak to people about public speaking the resounding response is – “I can’t do that … I am too nervous ….. good speakers are born …. I’d rather die than get up and speak”. All very natural reactions to the fear of the unknown.

Fear destroys our self confidence – produces those nerves that make our knees shake and voice tremble. Take away the fear of the unknown and you can begin to control those nerves and start to enjoy the experience of sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.

Let’s look at some on of these responses to speaking:

“Good Speakers Are Born” – wouldn’t that be great but sorry doesn’t happen. Yes – people may be more outgoing or be gifted with charisma. However, all those great wonderful speakers you see and hear. Guess what they got there by practice, practice – learning to maximise their skills, taking every oppotunity to speak – to be comfortable with speaking. You too can do this – by following the same plan – practice, practice, identify your skils and maximise them and by taking every opportunity to speak. You know what you are doing when you do this – you are slowly eating away at that fear of the unknown.

We liken this to learning to swim …. you can read all the books, go to the best coaches but until you get into the pool you won’t be able to swim. Public speaking is the same : you can read the books, watch others speak, listen to coaches but until you actually allow yourself to get up and speak you won’t be able to gain those skills.

In our training sessions we give you the opportunity to start speaking – we give you the basic skills to go out there and grab those speaking opportunities… to be able to turn the fear of the unknown into managing the known.

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More tips and tricks coming soon

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