Yes – we are proud to announce the update of our website! We tasked our designers to produce a user friendly site that enable you to find exactly what you want within 30 seconds!

And we think dmw digital (http://www.dmwcreations, have really done what we asked. We are really excited about the new site and I recommend that you visit it now. is where it’s at – and to celebrate we’re offering a big discount on our next Public Speaking Workshop.

We’ve introduce booking on-line to make it even easier for you to register your place for our highly interactive and fun workshops. Public Speaking is claimed to be the number one fear for most people – and now you can take the first step to overcoming your fear. And it’s really easy to do – just click here. Don’t you just love computers!

And to keep the updated theme Trischel has moved its training venue from the northern suburbs into the city itself. Our next public speaking workshop will be held in the Christie Corporate Conference Rooms at 320 Adelaide Street. So we are very accessible!

So join us and celebrate!! Go and check out the website and take our Public Speaking Questionnaire – then take advantage of our special offer for the next Public Speaking Workshop – nothing could be easier!


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