Stepping up and doing your own videos, whether recorded or live, can be scary and uncomfortable, it was for me when I first started. The technology was what I found daunting. I had experience at speaking so I was fine to take that and fine tune it for videos. However, I needed to learn the technology, editing, microphones, lighting, and how to video. 

If you are just starting out and exploring videos these tips may help you and save time.  If you have been doing videos, you may find these tips useful to audit your videos for maximum effectiveness. 

Here are some things to consider to ensure your videos are effective: 

1. Target Your Audience – Know your audience, your niche, your microniche. Know who you are speaking to. Create an individual profile and speak directly to them – know their problem and give them a solution. 

2. Include A Strong Call To Action – A call to action is one of the most important aspects of any presentation, speaking or writing that you do. Whether it’s a blog post, an article, a presentation or a video, you need to include a call to action. Forgetting this or not getting it right can be difference between a good video and an effective video.  It can be as simple as like this video, share with your community, leave a comment or it can direct to a freebie to download or to your website or blog. It needs to be something to move your viewers toward the next step. 

3. Be Consistent – put videos up on a regular basis. Post and update your YouTube Channel regularly. Become a regular Facebook live contributor. I do a Facebook live 10.30am AEST every Tuesday – Tips with Trish. Post prerecorded videos to Facebook and Linkedin.  Set time aside to do a series of videos ready to post.  The more videos you put up you will gather more views, more engagement, more connection and more sales. 

4. Promote Your Videos – You’ve put time and energy into making your videos, take the next step and promote them. Share on your own social media networks, providing a new comment for each share, and then ask your community to share. Don’t forget to embed the video on your website. Share your videos with your database and network. If you had done a facebook live save the video to your hard drive so you can share out to other social media and upload it to your YouTube channel. 

5. Have A Structure – Plan what you want to say before you start your video. Whether prerecorded or live, always have a destination or outcome that you want to achieve with this particular video at this particular time. Engage your viewers from the beginning – use a question, a quote or a comment to gain their interest and entice them to watch your video. Address a problem and give a solution.  

6. Be Heard and Seen – ensure your microphone and your equipment is working. You need to be audible so that your message can be heard. Speak clearly and at a good pace. Know where the lens is on your camera, phone or desktop. Look at the lens and connect with your viewers. Watch how you position yourself and avoid leaving too much space between your head and the top of the video. Breathe and smile. 

Most importantly with your videos be you – let your passion shine through and have fun. You don’t have to be perfect just give value and be genuine. 

Too many tips to share here – so watch out for the next blog post when I will share another six tips for effective videos. 

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