How do you over come those nerves that cause your knees to shake, make your breathing difficult, your voice waver, your heart pound and your mind mysteriously blank just as you are about to commence that all important presentation or speech? This is one of the most often asked questions by participants in Trischel’s Effective Communication Seminar.

One suggestion is to turn that nervous energy into positive energy. Make it work for you not against you. If you think back to when you were a child on the night before Christmas you probably experienced similar sensations. Your heart would have been pounding, perhaps you were breathing quickly and your voice may have been raised and wavering just thinking and anticipating opening those Christmas presents the next morning. The difference on that occasion was that you were EXCITED, you were eagerly waiting the next morning’s event.

Next time you experience that nervous feeling think back to the time you were excited and tell yourself I am EXCITED, believe it, think it and use that positive energy to make your presentation sparkle.

If you talk to other speakers, even those who have been presenting for ages you will find that they all to some extent, experience nerves. The difference is that these experienced speakers are making that nervous energy work for them – they are turning it into a positive energy boost to create that great opening, catch the audience and sell their message.

Use your thought processes to overcome nerves and achieve a positive result. Remember practice, practice, practice. Give it a try – the more you let yourself succeed the more you will succeed.

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I’m Excited about my next speech? Are you?

Trish from Trischel

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