How is it with you? The senior trainers at Trischel are sampling the delights of Hobart town as they are attending the Personal Development Retreat being run by Sharon Hudson of Talent Tools.

We are delighted to be giving two presentations at the retreat on our specialty subjects and yesterday Trish gave a well received introduction to clear Communications for Today, While Michele will introduce the power of Positive Thinking on Saturday.

Michele’s pick from the Thursday’s Sessions

The sessions have been of real interest to those involved in the Training and Development Field but the one that really caught my attention was one by Dr Sara Brown on “Consciousness and Wellbeing – tuning in to the right channel” For those of us who know from personal experience that the positive thinking approach can create dramatic changes in our lives it was outstanding that we could finally see that there is definite scientific proof emerging to confirm our practical knowledge.

Sara’s research into the DNA and epigenetics show that the body actually physically responds to the environment, and that the change of our thoughts can have a profound effect on the way our body reacts. To learn more about how we can take control of our reality by understanding the quantum concepts of vibration fields and cellular communication, check out Sara’s website.

Trish’s pick from the Thursday’s Sessions

The conference was opened with a great presentation by Jason Jelicich speaking on a Career with Flair. His opening took us back to Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Jason dazzled us with his skills in making a martini to the music of James Bond. His enthusiasm and passion continued as he took us on a journey of discovery that it is not so much what you do but how you do it that counts.

Jason stated that “moments of magic exist right now” – if we share those moments of magic then our careers, experience and skills will grow…Flair – Forever Learning and Improving Results.

Well that was yesterday and we have lot’s more on offer today.

Congratulations to Sharon for a well conceived retreat of thought provoking information and we’ll bring you Trischel’s pick of day again tomorrow.

Michele and Trish from Trischel @ Hobart

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