You will hear many people talking about What is Your Why?  They will tell you it is essential to establishing your business, that you need to know what inspires you, what is the cause or belief behind your business, the passion that gets you going in the morning; and these are valuable questions.  Knowing your why is what will give you the impetus to get your business going – it is the thought behind your passion.  When you know this you will find a clearer path to achieving your goals. 
There are many blogs and articles written on how to discover your why. The basic questions that they say you need to ask are:

  • What are your strengths?  Where can I use these strengths to add value to what I am doing?
  • What is your passion – what is that makes you glow –  what is that makes you step up and say yes this is me and what I want do?
  • What purpose is there in my life?  Is what I am doing aligned with my purpose – is it congruent with who I am or who I want to be?

Thinking about these questions and the answers will help you answer the question What is Your Why?  This leads to me to my perspective on this question and what the value I believe is in knowing this answer. 
From my perspective knowing you why is a vital component of being able to effectively communicate your brand.
When you are passionate and authenticate your audience, clients, team, staff, stakeholders will more easily connect with you.  You will find it easier to get them to follow your vision and your mission.  Knowing your why allows you to be authenticate which allows your passion to flow and your communication to be more effective.
One of Trischel’s Principles of Communication is that Effective Communication requires Intellectual Content and Emotional Connection.   When you know your why you can bring that emotional connection to your communication.  The confidence that knowing your why gives you allows you to share your passion in your communication.  Sharing your passion using body language and vocal techniques establishes that emotional connection. 
Knowing your why also allows you to add the intellectual content to your communication.  When you know deep down why you do what you do then you also know the reasons why you do what you do – this gives you the basis for adding all the facts, figures and statistics to your communication.
Knowing your why gives you the freedom to share your message and by adding the persuasive speaking techniques of body language and vocal variety you can become more effective at communicating and sharing your brand.
Yes you can communicate your brand message without really knowing your why but think how much more effective your communication is when everything you do is congruent to everything you are.  Knowing your why adds to your authenticity, your authenticity connects you with your audience, your staff, your clients.  The better the connection the more effective your communication, the more effective your communication the higher success rate in sharing your message. 
That is the value of knowing your WHY.
Loving what you do is great. Knowing why you do what you do is powerful.  Being able to communicate effectively why you do what you do – that takes you to the next level!
Trish @ Trischel
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