Recently I was reminded of a very important factor to remember when you are in business, speaking, studying, working or just plain getting on life. 

Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t get caught up in the competition! 

Yes you need to know what your competitors are doing and what is happening in your niche, however what happens is that we get caught in those negative thoughts and then we start to make comparisons with others and then we worry that we aren’t good enough. Then before you know it you have lost focus and you are reacting instead of being proactive and moving to your plan, to what’s working for you and resonating with you. 

It’s not always easy to avoid comparisons and competition especially on Social Media with everyone sharing their message, their business and their successes. It can catch all of us at some time no matter how experienced in business, at speaking we are. It happens. 

You might have an idea for a course, a workshop, a presentation or a challenge then suddenly you see someone else doing something similar. You stop and back away thinking I can’t do that now, I’ve missed the boat. Stop that thought – yes you can – you will be doing it your way, with your expertise and life experience. We are all unique human beings – bring that uniqueness to whatever it was that you were planning. Keep focussed and work to what you had planned. 

The same thing can happen when you are planning to speak or do a presentation. It is often one of the things that can hold you back from starting on your speaking journey. You see other speakers on stage or presenting at meetings, they have a message and a story. You think to yourself I can’t do that, they are so good, I don’t have a story and it stops you from sharing your message with someone who needs to hear it – from you! 

For many years this was one of the issues that stopped me from speaking – comparing myself to others – thinking I didn’t have a message and that I couldn’t do what they were doing. Until I got a mentor, until I started to mix with these speakers and realised they were thinking what I was thinking. Until I started to Believe in myself, my story and my message; stopped comparing myself to others and started being me. 

When you find this happening, and yes it will, then you need to take a deep breath – step back and remember why your started your business, why you wanted to write that book, why you wanted to share your message, be an advocate. Remember and remind yourself of that Belief. The belief in your message, your product, your business, your presentation, your expertise, belief in YOU – why you started and this is why you will continue. 

Always look from your perspective, who you are and what you are doing. You may need to change something that doesn’t work, try a new direction however always do it from what you have decided and how it has worked or not worked for you – not because a competitor or comparison has influenced. Stand true to you. 

Your message, your examples, the way you present, your life experiences and your expertise will all combine to make your message, your presentation, your business unique. 

Don’t let competition and comparisons stop you from being you and doing what you want to do in your way.  

Be aware of what is out there in your niche, what is trending, what is happening – don’t let it stop you and rule you. Focus on where you want to go, focus on you and your business plan. Share your message the way you want to share it. 

Has this stopped you from being the success you want to be? 

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