Goal setting is probably the most overdone topic you have heard, especially at this time – the beginning of the

So why does it come up all the time – the truth is that very few people are actually achieving their goals.
Why is this when it is a topic that is discussed so much?

One of the reasons is that goals are not always written down. Why – because people very often don’t actually
know what they want! If you don’t know and acknowledge what you want how can you set a goal to achieve it?

 You can want anything you want, but it’s up to you to create it.

 So, the very first thing you need to do when it comes to goal setting is have an acknowledgment with yourself
that there are things that you want that you don’t have right now.

When you acknowledge what you want, the next step is to translate that into something you can control, which
is where goal setting comes into place.

Acknowledge that it’s okay to have wants, define what those wants are.  Turn those wants into goals.

Goal achievement can’t happen without goal setting.  But goal achievement also can’t happen without commitment.

The level of commitment you have to making your goals become a reality.

 Your goals should be an extension far beyond what you’re currently doing so that you get excited, they need to be at a level where your level of commitment is going to be there in the long run.

 If the commitment is not there you will not achieve your goal.

 Setting goals that stretch you and actually achieving them requires you to do things far beyond your comfort zone.

 So how do you commit to your goals?

 Become accountable – make a public declaration. Tell your circle of friends, your family, your accountability buddy. Give them details of the goal and the time line to achieve. Ask them to hold you accountable. Your level of commitment is a lot higher now because you’ve told other people.

Invest in achieving your goal – get resources, book tickets, do training. When you invest time and money your  commitment continues to grow.

Review and revise – continue your commitment by reviewing your progress, what is stopping you, what has changed,
what needs to be changed.

Goal setting and goal achievement is about finding out what you’re really capable of doing, acknowledging what
you want, writing it down, planning, visualising and committing.

If it’s something you truly want and you’re speaking from your heart when you write these wants down, then you
will find a way and you’ll create those commitments that make you not only set the goals but achieve those goals.

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