How many of you love what you do?  Actually wake up each morning – eager to be working – either in your own business or in a company or organization.  I would say that many of you do – unfortunately and sadly there would be a large percentage that don’t like what they do.
Let’s take this a step further – those that do like what they do – how many really know WHY they do what they do?  Probably a smaller percentage.
You will read many articles and probably have heard many workshops, webinars or sessions on discovering your WHY – knowing your WHY.  To me the importance of knowing your WHY is of course tied into how effectively you communicate your brand – how passionate are you about your business.
I have mentioned previously on our facebook pages how important being authentic is to effective communication. People will buy, trust and believe those who are authentic in their message.
My view is that an integral part of being authentic is knowing deep down WHY you do what you do.  So if you are not yet sure – take time to think – take time to really understand what you are doing.  Step back and look at your business, your job – what would you change?  What brings satisfaction at the end of the day?  What is it that makes you get up each morning and share?  If you could change what you do would you do so?  Is it a job or is it a passion?
The answers to these questions will help you know your WHY. This will add to your credibility and make your message authentic. 
Once you understand and know your WHY your next step is to communicate and share this with your community – your customers, clients and staff.  You need to keep the authenticity, add the passion and polish it with words and presentation skills.  Think about the keywords that convey your message – think about what you want to share, how you make a difference to others, what helped you to get to where you are now.  Think about stories, yours and those you have assisted.  Share these stories with others – people love stories and they can connect with the messages in the stories.  You are connecting on the emotional level – you can then follow up with the basics, the structure and the facts that support your passion and business.
Once you have put your message together with the right words then you need to have the courage and the skill to step up and share this message.  Here you need to use your voice and your body language to convey your message.  This is where it is even more important that you are authentic and that your body language and tone of voice supports your message.  People will more often believe the non verbal over the verbal – so if there is a discrepancy they will go with the non tangible vibes that they pick up.
So you can see how important knowing your WHY is –it is the foundation that you build your brand upon.  Without this important ingredient you cannot effectively build your message or present it.  Knowing your WHY is integral to effectively communicating your brand with passion and authenticity.
Loving what you do is great – knowing WHY you do what you do is powerful – being able to communicate your WHY will take your business and passion to the next level.
Trish @ Trischel
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