In the world of communication training, where perfection is the goal, the team at Trischel has seen it all. With years of experience under their belts, they’ve learned the hard way, making almost every communication mistake imaginable. But it’s precisely these mistakes that have transformed them into experts. They’ve stumbled, fallen, and picked themselves up, armed with valuable lessons.

As time passed, their communication skills became second nature. They honed their abilities to a point where they could navigate any conversation with grace and ease. This expertise was on full display during a recent radio interview with Jon Mustchin at 997fm.

Trish and her colleague have worked together for so long that they can anticipate each other’s moves. Listening to the playback of the interview, they marveled at the seamless transitions between their responses. Jon, the radio announcer, added a professional touch, making the entire experience enjoyable. It was the result of years of hard work and dedication to mastering the art of communication.

Their success wasn’t just a personal belief; it was confirmed by the flood of calls they received from clients and friends praising their presentation skills. Clearly, their interview was a triumph in the eyes of both the hosts and the listeners.

However, even in the midst of their triumph, they learned a valuable lesson in understanding instructions. As the saying goes, “What you win on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts.” They experienced a classic case of failing to confirm and clarify.

The interview had been arranged while Trish was enjoying her time in Greece. The details, including the time and location, were meticulously entered into a diary. Or so they thought. In reality, they had been entered into the wrong diary – the personal one, not the Trischel business diary.

As the day of the interview approached, they attempted to finalize the details but were perplexed to find a blank page. No contact name, no location, just nothing. A slight change in timing had been communicated earlier with Jon, but the belief that all the crucial details were in the diary led them to skip the confirmation step. This proved to be a critical oversight.

In a moment of panic, they turned to the internet for salvation. Fortunately, they found the radio station’s details on the White Pages and their company webpage. After noting down the correct location, they embarked on a journey to their potentially greatest interview ever.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by a locked door and an eerie silence that contrasted sharply with the lively atmosphere they had heard on the radio. Doubt crept in, and they began to worry.

Desperate for answers, they flagged down a passing cyclist, hoping for some confirmation. The cyclist vaguely confirmed the address but left them in a state of uncertainty.

Time was slipping away, and they were far from safely ensconced within the studio. A call to their admin staff finally provided some clarity. The internet had listed the address they were stranded at, but the phone number was still valid. With this lifeline, they eventually arrived at the correct location, Radio 997fm’s bright and shiny new premises.

Their adventure was a testament to the importance of three crucial lessons:

  1. Transferring Details: Always ensure that important details are transferred from personal diaries to business ones to avoid critical mistakes.
  2. Verify Online Information: Regularly review and update company details on the internet to prevent miscommunication and confusion.
  3. Personal Communication Skills: In the face of adversity, strong personal communication skills can salvage a situation and help present oneself in the best possible light, even when arriving half-an-hour late for an interview.

In the end, Trischel’s radio interview mishap became a valuable lesson in the art of effective communication, both on and off the airwaves.

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