‘C’ – that’s for Confidence and Control and of course Communication. The three ‘C’s’ that can give you an edge in any interview.

Confidence – when we enter an interview for any job or position we need to demonstrate our confidence that we are capable of doing that job or holding this position. Remember we discussed ‘attitude’ earlier? It is our attitude that creates the confidence we need to bring to our interview.

Put yourself on the other side of the table for a moment – how would you feel about someone’s ability if they seem unsure if they actually can do the job being advertised? Probably you would put their application to one side – the wrong side!

While we do not have to appear superman or woman; we do need to appear competent to actually perform the task. So develop a positive attitude and let than help you create an air of self-confidence which will convince the interviewer that you are the best choice for the job.

Control – this might seem an odd word for being interviewed; surely it will be the other side that has control? Well, not of your responses! You need to maintain a sense of control throughout the interview. Which means that you should have made all the pre interview preparation possible – with confidence in your preplanning you will enter the interview with a sense of ‘everything is under control’ which greatly adds to your confidence.

And if you get hit with something out of the blue, you need to control that feeling of panic and use the techniques we suggest to make appropriate responses.

And finally – the most important ‘C’ of all is Communication. Every question that you will be asked is a communication from your interviewer to you – and every answer that you give is your communication back to them.

Communication needs to be Clear, Concise and Correct – there’s a few more ‘c’ words!. To make sure that your communication is just that, you might need to do some pre-interview preparation. Learn how to answer questions properly to ensure that you can be confident that your responses will indeed be clear, concise and correct. That in turn will give you that sense of having everything under control which is so necessary for real confidence.

So here’s to the letter ‘C’ – clearly a creative component of career building consolidation.

Michele @ Trischel.

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