I am excited to be part of an amazing group of people who shared their thoughts on leadership in a No1 Amazon Best Seller – “Conceived to Lead: Dismantling the Glass Ceiling Mindset”. In doing so I became an International Best Selling Author. The amazing thing is that in achieving Best Seller status I saw everyone involved living and breathing their views and thoughts on leadership.  

The contributing authors stepped up and showed leadership in marketing and sharing the book prior to and on the launch day. The driving force behind the book showed leadership in sharing marketing tips, communicating the vision and bringing all the authors along with them on that journey. 

“A Leader is one who has a clear vision and who can communicate and share that vision so well that others are able to see the vision and journey with that leader to the destination.” Trish Springsteen 

My chapter is “Speak for Success as a Leader – Solve the Leadership Puzzle” and watching this journey I was pleased to see that communication as a foundation of leadership was a major factor in the success of the book launch. 

Here is an excerpt from my chapter highlighting the importance of communication: 

“When the definition of leadership includes knowing that followers are in the mix, there is one important element that becomes apparent and one that is often missed, forgotten, or badly used. That is communication. The successful leader is one who has good speaking and communication skills. 

To lead people, you must communicate your vision, your mission, and your instructions. Being able to do so is the distinguishing factor between bad leaders, good leaders, and effective leaders. 

These concepts make sense to me. I know how important speaking and communication skills have been to my success as a leader.  

To bring followers on the journey, the leader must get commitment to the vision and mission, on both the intellectual level and the emotional level. In addition to the strong communication skills already noted, reaching followers emotionally and intellectually requires charisma and a passionate connection with the concept and message. Add in great body language and vocal variety when connecting with their followers and you will have a leader who is successful.” 

I invite you to grab a copy of the book to read the rest of my chapter and discover the Seven pieces of the Leadership Puzzle. 

Thirty-three amazing ladies have also contributed chapters – ladies that all walk their talk. 

These are personal stories that will inspire, inform and instruct. I am honoured to be an International Best Selling Author in their company. 

Enjoy the read and enjoy the journey. 

A copy of the digital book can be obtained from Amazon http://amzn.to/2yi1vDu  

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