“You can use your words to achieve great things in life … all you need is a little help.” Bryan Toder 

When I ask this question at workshops, expos, with my clients, or when speaking to introverts I often get blank looks. In fact, many of the introverts I speak with have an instant reaction – Oh no we don’t, we aren’t very good at speaking. I answer: “I’m an introvert and I am a good speaker! Why can’t you be a good speaker as well?” 

In fact, introverts actually make very good speakers, by the very nature of being an introvert. So what makes them good at speaking? 

1. Introverts listen. They listen very well. By their very nature, they prefer to listen rather than have conversations. They concentrate on the speaker and really understand what is being said. This is a valuable skill to have as a speaker. As a speaker you need to listen to the audience, to the meeting organiser, what do they want to know? You need to listen to your clients – what is their pain, what can you help them with? This comes naturally to an introvert. So they understand their audiences and know what to give them. They understand their clients and know how to solve their pain. 

2. Introverts focus.  They focus on what they are doing. They focus on their preparation and most importantly they focus on why they are speaking. They find it easy to remember that the speaker is there for the audience not for them. The speaker is there to provide information, to connect, to solve a problem for the person they are speaking to or the audience they are in front of. In fact, for introverts the understanding that they are there for the audience helps them immensely in actually be there and speaking. 

3. Introverts Prepare. They prepare very well because they like to be by themselves and are inwardly focused. Because of their nature, they are often great writers. They are able to take the time to prepare their speeches, to structure them, and to do the research.  

4. Introverts Commit. When an introvert realises they can speak and how valuable speaking is to their business they are very committed. Once they overcome the barrier to being able to step up and speak they are very committed to polishing their skills as a public speaker. They commit to expanding their skill base, practicing, and preparing. 

5. Introverts Respect Time. They speak to time. They take care to prepare and to be in the moment for their audience. They are concise and clear as they want to give their best and then retire and recharge. The introvert knows to make the most of the time they have with their audience or with their client.  

6. Introverts Care For Themselves. The nature of the introvert is to retire after their presentation – to recharge themselves ready for the next interaction. Speaking can be energy draining. All that adrenaline to get up and speak can be exhausting afterward. The introvert recovers quicker because they do take the time to recharge after their presentation. They know the importance of planning breaks so that they can recharge and yes escape for a few minutes to be by themselves.  

The barrier to an introvert being a great speaker is not that they are an introvert, it is that they lack confidence and self-belief that they can speak, that they have a message that people want to listen to, that they have something worth saying. 

When I mentor my introverted clients and they gain that self-belief and confidence it only needs some strategies and techniques and polishing of their own talents for them to realise that they are good speakers and then they shine. Knowing your value as an introvert and what that brings to your speaking skills – becomes very empowering. 

Remember great speakers such as Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are all remembered for their wonderful speeches and are all introverts. 

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Trish Springsteen 

Multi International Award Winner Speaking Mentor Coach Author Radio Host 

Trish typically works with introverts, authors, and advocates helping them to have the confidence to step up and share their message with those who need to hear it.  

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