Sometimes a project may not be going to plan, criteria cannot be met or goals will not be achieved. This time it could be you who will be required to report on this to management. What is the best way to go about it?

· First of all make sure that your team knows the reason the required outcomes are not being met, and then
· Have some specific recommendations to offer.

This is important because being involved in the failing project gives you and your team an insight into why the problems are occurring; and if you know why things are going wrong you should have some good ideas on how to get the project back on track.

The basic objective in this type of presentation is to let the facts speak for themselves – so you will need to:

· Inform management of the specific issues which are causing the problems; is it lack of resources, unrealistic time frames, or inadequate training. Whatever it is be precise and give examples.

· Having outlined the problem now make recommendations for changes that you or your team feel will resolve the issue. Again be absolutely precise and specific. What needs to be done, who needs to do it and any changes this will entail to the original project criteria.

· Now you will need to obtain management’s agreement and support for your recommendations.

By outlining the problems and offering thoughtful recommendations for resolution, giving management negative results need not be so difficult. Often if these reports are given timely they can save time and money which may be wasted in pursuing unrealistic goals.

To sum up the three point format is:

1. Provide all the facts
2. Do not assign blame to anyone
3. Provide specific recommendations.

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