Isn’t public speaking communication then? Well it depends on what you actually want to do. Public Speaking training is fantastic to improve confidence and to improve your delivery style. It can vastly improve your platform techniques and can add charisma to your presentations. But if your job is to communicate information to clients, or to convey instructions accurately, or to handle difficult customers or clients it may not give you the skills you need.

In the full communication picture public speaking is just the tip of the iceberg. The skills required for good communication go deeper – just like the iceberg pictured. Communication is a two way act, and we need to learn how to listen actively; to organise our thoughts accurately and to present those thoughts logically.

Business Communication covers so much more than public speaking, how do we issue instructions that will not lead to misunderstandings? What is the secret that will help us know that our listeners are more likely to understand exactly what I want them to know, or to do? How can I be sure that my message is being received accurately? And then we need communication for a host of other reason ~ How can I improve my telephone communication? How can I conduct performance appraisals without creating antagonism? How do I construct coherent reports? There is so much more than just public speaking.

Considering that misunderstandings are the base cause of most customer complaints, surely it is essential that we look at the full communication package to improve how we transmit our information. Public Speaking training will certainly aid you in putting together a marketing presentation, but when you have to provide accurate information to support that presentation, answer questions, or understand where misunderstanding occur then you may need more.

So the answer to the question “Isn’t public speaking communication then?” becomes another question “What do I really want to do?” if you are merely concerned with giving group presentations in a professional manner, then public speaking will probably give you everything you need. But if you are concerned about improving your communication skills to aid yourself in business or to enhance your career prospects, then you will need the full set of personal communication skills.

Whatever you answer is Trischel can help you. We have a range of public speaking and communication courses for all personal and company requirements. Talk to us about your communication questions ~ we can provide the answers.


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