If you have been invited to make a business presentation, prior preparation and planning are even more important than usual.

Some factors to consider before you start working on the presentation itself:

✅ Just who will be in your audience? Is it a small planning or management team? Maybe all levels of employees will be represented – or perhaps it’s an induction presentation to new employees.

✅ Is it a formal business occasion or a social one? This will affect not only the presentation itself but also the style and your choice of clothing.

What is the basic level of knowledge about the subject, the issue, or the company?

✅ Are you the only speaker or one of a group? If so, are all speakers from the same company? It might be wise to check with them about their presentations to avoid repetition of subject matter.

✅ Who will be handling the introduction? Prepare one for yourself and give it to the MC prior to the event if necessary.

✅ What facilities are provided for visual aids? Don’t forget to prepare your own if appropriate to the presentation.

✅ Does the presentation require a question and answer session? Are you confident about handling it?

Do you need to prepare handouts to support your presentation?

This information is absolutely necessary if you are to present your information in a comprehensive way. This will ensure that you pitch your presentation at the right level and in the correct style. It will also mean that the presentation itself will run smoothly and efficiently, having considered all the factors that will affect it.

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