Are you in your comfort zone?  It’s nice there isn’t it?  Perhaps you have been caught up in starting your business and now things are going nicely. You think to yourself it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy the comfort zone. Maybe you have been busy studying, becoming a subject matter expert and you now feel you have reached that level.  You know and are comfortable with your message, your expertise, your service or your product. 

Sounds nice, doesn’t it – however there is a hidden danger from relaxing too long in that comfort zone. And that is complacency

Anthony Robbins said “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.  

You see if you don’t reach out you won’t see opportunities. The problem with complacency is that you don’t move forward. You are quite happy where you are – it’s comfortable! 

I call this Stagnating. It’s like being in a pond with no water flowing through.  As time goes by that pool stagnates.  There is nothing refreshing it. To stop that stagnation you have to break down the banks of the pond and let water flow through. As the water flows through it brings new clear and fresh water and it carries you away with it.  There is movement, there is energy and you are exploring and seeing new things. 

To grab opportunities you have to take risks – to take risks you have to step outside your comfort zone. You need to move forward. It doesn’t have to be big steps, even small steps will create the energy you need to make changes and grab opportunities. 

You may find the courage to move yourself or you may need a little or a big push to get moving.  Look around – who can help you start moving again? Perhaps you might want to use a coach, a mentor, an accountability buddy or a partner. It could be just going to a new network meeting or workshops. It could be trying something new in your business.  Whatever you choose it will start you on your journey and it will bring movement, energy and change. 

This is the time you need to make a choice. It begins with you – you need to make the choice to have the courage to step outside your comfort zone and move forward.  

Perhaps you have started your business – it is doing okay however you seem to have plateaued – nothing new is happening. The clients are not coming in as quick as they used to. What has happened? You got comfortable – you became complacent. The business was working, so you sat back and relaxed. 

The first thing to do is to step back and reflect. Ask yourself am I becoming complacent, too comfortable?  

Look at what you need to do to more forward to create new energy and then choose to take that first step and move. 

It could be that you need to change or narrow your niche. Perhaps when you began your business you weren’t sure who you were targeting and so your message may have been too broad.  

The next step then is to have the courage to narrow down, to micro-niche and become more focussed.  

It maybe that you need to add more skills or strategies for your business: it could be marketing, it could be technology, it could be adding speaking and communication skills.  

When you start moving out of your comfort zone the opportunities and possibilities are endless.  

Don’t let comfort and complacency hold you back – have the courage to choose to move. Movement creates energy – energy gives you opportunities. 

Trish Springsteen 

Multi International Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author 

Trish typically works with published authors helping them to turn their books into keynote presentations, introverts giving them the confidence to come out from behind their computers and share their message and passion. 

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