Have you listened to a charismatic speaker and wished you could have a voice like theirs? No matter what you may believe there is no such thing as the perfect voice. Each of us is unique and our voice is the characteristic which allows people to recognise who we are merely from hearing our voice. While how we sound is a product of our physical make up, we can still improve the quality of our voice if we really want to.

Your physical presence, how you look and how you act, will impact on your audience, but it is the voice that will truly sell the message. Learn how to use the voice to the best of your ability; it will have an instant affect on your audience. Check out the hints in October’s blog “4 Peas in a Pod”

If you have an important presentation coming up, one that you really want to shine, and if you are really serious about wanting to improve your presentation and speaking skills you will probably benefit from professional coaching.

A good speaking coach can objectively evaluate your present skills and help you to recognise areas where improvement can be achieved. They will also be able to help you formulate a plan whereby you can reach your goal in the time frame available.

While communication coaching can be done via a video or audio tape, nothing really compares with the valuable assistance gained by a one-on-one personal session.

There are no real quick fixes, and improved communication skill requires commitment to a long term goal. However, you can make significant improvement to your present skill level in just two or three sessions if you work at it.. Many of the people we have trained have surprised their co-workers after just one or two session with our coaching staff, or have approached that seminar presentation with confidence in their ability to achieve.

We can help you too, just contact Trischel at info@trischel.com.au for more information on how we can help you with a personal coaching session.

Michele @ Trischel

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