I remember a character in one of Georgette Heyer’s novels say that “misfortunes never come in single spies but rather in battalions” which is rather prophetic for the situation I now find myself in!

With one partner out of the country, and most of the staff out of the city, my shoulder is also out –out of joint.

It is not fully out, or fully in but it’s definitely not fully functioning which is the misfortune. Mayhem comes with the school holidays! Now my dearest grandchildren usually spend a lot of time in the school holidays with us; which is a delight but with two very active children and working from home at the moment, without a fully functioning shoulder I view the next few weeks with some trepidation.

I am of course inundated with good advice – hot packs will help says one; no, no it’s cold packs you need says another. Try massaging it with rosemary oil says an amateur aromatherapist, but drink horsetail and meadowsweet tea advises my herbalist friend. Go to the doctor says the husband, while the daughter suggests her chiropractor – in actually fact I am going back to bed with a couple of panadol and feeling somewhat sorry for myself. It has taken me almost half an hour to pick out the words thus far using the fingers of one hand. I am a touch typist and this is so frustrating.

So – while I had intended to continue the blog right up until Christmas I have sadly decided to put it into recess until either the shoulder is back in or Trish is back in the country.

So let me take this opportunity to wish every one a very merry Christmas, I hope that

you get all the presents you truly wanted, and that the year 2009 turns out to be everything you hope for – successful and extremely happy. You see this is all about you!!!

Enjoy the season, don’t eat too much but remember diets are for New Year’s resolutions! But make sure that your New Year resolution is to check in with Trischel’s blog and find out about all the exciting things that we are planning for next year.

Michele @ Trischel

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