Oh the joy! It’s holiday time and Tasmania is calling! And yes, I know it’s winter, and it’s going to be cold and all that – but I’m English and the cold is calling!

And truth to tell one must abide by the decisions of one’s leader, and “she who must be obeyed” has the final word in these matters, but as it’s the first real holiday I have managed to fit in for about ten years it could be Antarctica and I would still be ecstatic.

But seriously I am really excited about visiting Tassie, it is the only state I haven’t seen yet, and Hobart is the only capital city that I have yet to explore – so I am really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately it means that as the only four people in the office who know how to switch the computer on will be away, there will be no more blogging until I get back. Yes I know that I can update it regularly using modern technology –however I have strict rules about holidays and I am leaving all my modern technology behind. All my previous attempts to “get away from it all” have included “Bringing some of it with me” and eventually the latter took over – so this time not even my mobile phone is leaving home!

But don’t worry I shall be thinking of you all, as I sit by the log fire and watch the flickering flames with a glass of port in hand and a far away expression! And if it is followed by a quiet chuckle of fiendish glee – well who can blame me?

So I’m off to pack up the cat (who is also going on holiday, only slightly more reluctantly), finish packing the bags, ( I just might have room for that kitchen sink in the corner) and you lot – get back to work!!!!

Michele not @ Trischel again until 25th June

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