After reading the last blog a friend rang me up and asked me if I was loosing it!. “Fairies” he exploded “Fairies! You can’t believe in fairies!” Well, probably not but I do believe in the possibility of fairies.

I love to play with the possibilities that the question “What if …” brings up. And I love to explore the deep universal resonances that folk tales and myths display. Every culture has stories about supernatural beings that inhabit the earth with us – but on another dimension. And we know that the part of the light spectrum that we use is only a small part of the whole, so what if – in a part of the spectrum which is invisible to us fairies really did exist?

When I explained my philosophy to my very rational friend he snorted “Very Freudian” as he rang off ~ and although I think he meant Jungian, I can understand he really didn’t get it!

I don’t dispute that in today’s society it is rather odd to admit to believing that fairies are a possibility; but only because rational people fixate on the word ‘fairies’. What if I were to ask you “Would you believe in the existence of a creature that every age and every civilization has described in detail?” – well the people I have asked have admitted to a cautious “yes” until I tell them that I am talking about dragons. Then of course, 21st century rationality set in and they retracted. Only one person I asked agreed that the amount of information from throughout history, the uniformity of the detail does incline one to wonder “What if …” I was so excited I lashed out and bought her a drink.

Because the real issue is not whether you actually believe in the fairies or the dragons, it is whether you have a mind open enough to explore the possibilities. An open mind is a creative mind and today’s problems are going to need creative solutions.

I know that some people have deplored the effect that the 18th century’s concept of a mechanical world has had on philosophy and education. Like them, I believe that Newton’s explanation of how the world works has led us to a very stagnant mind set. (Plus it doesn’t match with his overwhelming interest in Alchemy) My friend of the phone call is a scientist; and it is his proud boast that he believes in nothing that he cannot see or touch or he cannot explain away rationally. I gather that caveat was added to explain his total acceptance of such things as gravity, electricity or magnetism. Further, he has nothing but contempt for woolly headed thinkers like me ~ and yet despite that we are indeed good friends.

But the trouble is that because he will not admit outrageous possibilities, he can often miss opportunities. Edward De Bono led a revolution in the way in which we approach thinking, and opened us up to a whole new range of possibilities. Because of him people like me, who like to explore the outrageous possibilities, can now be explained away as “Green Hat Thinkers” which suits everyone. I can do what I do best, and my scientist friend can explain me away rationally.

So the words ‘Fairies’ and ‘Dragons’ are merely distractions, the real question should be “Do you believe in possibilities?” Are you willing to suspend critical thinking and try some open minded creative thinking? Because the number of people who are looking for another way to live their lives is increasing every day. Closed mind thinking appears to be lacking when we consider day to day living and as one participant on our Positive Thinking Workshop once said “There has to be a better a way.”

Science (hat tip to my scientist friend) has decided that humans do not use all the available parts of our brain, and that they do not understand the way in which a brain actually works. There is, he pontificated, much information about some aspects of the brain, but he was forced to admit that the question of exactly how we think is ‘still at the hypothetical stage’ – and yes he does really talk like that.

Practical people actually know that what we think has a profound effect on how we live our lives; and that we can change our thinking if we really want to. All we need is a belief in the possibilities, and to grasp the opportunity when it arises.

So, do you believe in the possibilities? Are you willing to grasp the opportunity for change?
If so, you are invited to join us for breakfast and a half day workshop on how to change your thinking to explore the possibilities of success. Visit the website and consider the changes this may have in your life. As was said, “There has to be another way” and this workshop just might open you up to the opportunities that changed thinking can bring.

And you don’t have to believe in fairies – just be able to dream the possibility. But Dragons, well now that is entirely a different situation – I mean … what if …….. ?

Michele @ Trischel

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