How many of you get caught in the procrastination trap?  I would say that at one time or another we all have been caught procrastinating. I know I have. 

So why do we procrastinate? There are many reasons: fear of failure, fear of success, lack of knowledge, not sure how to start, being overwhelmed – it’s all too hard so will put it off to another day or something we are not keen on doing. Where procrastination becomes a danger is if you are a serial procrastinator!  When you find yourself procrastinating, stop and take a good look – is it something that you keep putting off. If it is then delve deeper and ask: What is it that stops you? 

Here are 7 ways to overcome the procrastination trap:  

1. Let Go of Fear – Most procrastination is due to those fears I mentioned earlier. Many people get so tied up in perfection that they can’t finish anything and never succeed. Fear then becomes self-perpetuating and never-ending. When you let go of judgment and fear as you work through your project and list, you’ll be able to end procrastination.  

2. Find the Excitement – it can often be all in the perception. Instead of letting the project or task overwhelm you step back and be in the moment enjoying what you the part of the project you are doing at that time. Don’t let your false opinion of any one thing cloud your judgement, whether that is that the tasks are dull, or that they’re worthless, or that you just can’t do them. Don’t listen to that negative voice – find the positive elements in what you are doing. 

3. Start – actually start it breaks the inaction. Just starting changes the focus of the mind. It jolts you out of the inaction and momentum occurs. Before you know it you will have finished. Once you are in the process of doing you will find the excitement and concentrating on what you are doing will clear away that procrastination. 

4. Bite Size Pieces – don’t tackle a big project all at once. All projects can be broken down into individual steps that need to be done either in order or together. As you complete each step you are closer to completely the whole project or task. I often say to my mentoring clients: How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time. Tackle that big project the same way – one bite at a time. 

5. Take Regular Breaks – Make sure you take regular breaks. It will stop overload, gives you time to recharge and when you come back you will be tackling the task with renewed enthusiasm. Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water no matter what you’re doing. It will help keep your mind clear and your body healthy. 

6. Accountability – there are two ways to be accountable. Use social media – mention what you are doing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – in groups or on your pages. There is something about actually putting it out there that keeps you on track. Of course having a mentor, coach, accountability partner or friend is absolutely brilliant to keep you moving forward.  

7. Reward Yourself – Take time to acknowledge completing a task or project. When you have finished do something to finalise. Take a walk, go to a movie, take a break read a book and of course make sure you mention it on social media and to your accountability partner. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!  

Don’t let Procrastination win. Every step forward is a step forward for your success. Putting into place the steps mentioned here will help you to escape the Procrastination Trap.  

Share which tips work best for you…. 

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