If you want to promote your business, products or services you need to build your expertise. When the public views you as an expert, they are likely to trust you more and want to hear more about what you are saying about a variety of topics. People will buy from you more readily because they trust you as an expert. 

Here are eight ways to build your expertise in your niche. 

1. Enhance Your Speaking Skills – If you are a subject matter expert, consider leveraging your business with public speaking. Speaking to groups of people is a long time effective strategy to showcase your expertise. Audience members automatically assume you know what you are talking about or you would not be talking. 

2. Become an Author – Publishing a book as an author can open many doors, it adds to your credibility and can be used as a unique business card. The many options available to self-publish make it easier than ever to add “author” to your list of accomplishments. Not yet ready to write your own book – look at contributing a chapter to a book or co-authoring. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that it won’t work and it’s not a good way to become an expert. It does, and it is. Everyone has a story to tell and a book to tell it in. 

3. Blog Regularly – Blogging is an essential component of showcasing your expertise. Be consistent blog weekly if possible, if not try for regular monthly blogs. Blogging gives you the opportunity to provide a lot of in-depth information to your followers. 

4. Study Your Niche – Never stop studying. Things change – what was true just a month ago might not be true today. Be flexible and proactive – it’s okay to change your opinions and ideas based on the information you learn. To stay relevant in a niche you have to stay connected enough to understand what’s new. 

5. Look For Guest Opportunities – You can be interviewed on podcasts, radio, in print, and online by making yourself available. Be open to video interviews. Let your local media know that if they do stories on your niche, in your area of expertise, you are available to speak to them.  

6. Create An Online Course – Teaching what you know to others is a clear sign that you are an expert and you can demonstrate that expertise through your online courses. Online courses allow you to be known and seen globally. You can reach more than just those who physically come to your workshops. You can put your courses on your website, deliver them through email, via facebook groups or put them on a third party site like Udemy.com or Thinkific.com. 

7. Have A YouTube Channel – Share your videos on YouTube. It has a built-in audience, and if you publish well-designed videos that target your audience, you’ll become sought after and popular. Think about developing your web TV Channel. 

8. Start A Mastermind Group – A private mastermind group or a Facebook group is a great way to establish and build your expertise. You will have a solid fan base that knows your secrets and understands you and your message. They’ll become promoters of your work. The Mastermind Group can be free or paid. 

Becoming an expert in your niche is an important way to boost your value, increase your income and your business. Become a subject matter expert, you should be proud to be a noted expert in your field after all the study and effort you’ve put into it. 

These eight tips will get you started in Getting Known and Being Seen. They will give you a foundation to build on. 

Which tip will you be starting with?  Share your successes and challenges…. 

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