Abraham Lincoln said that ‘most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be!

What he recognised is that all of our feelings, our self-belief and confidence are based on how and what we think. We have the ability to choose what to be, whether that is to be enthusiastic, angry, worried, sad, confident or happy. Whether we accept the premise or not it doesn’t change the situation – we are in control of our thoughts.

While there are going to be issues outside of our personal control which impact on us, and which we cannot change, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is how we react to those situations that can be the biggest influence.

We must realise that the only thing we have absolute control over is our attitude; and while attitude does not change overnight it can be changed.

If we want to realise our own positive personal power we need to understand the four pillars of self-belief :

· First, what we constantly think about and imagine we will come to believe is true for us.

· Second – by constantly telling ourselves that we cannot do something we will create the unwillingness to try and thereby cause an inability to do it.

· Third – that sense of inability can manifest itself in a failure to perform

· Fourth – once that failure has manifested itself we have truly become a failure.

We all know that like attracts like and negative thoughts will resolve into negative actions.

Changing negativity into positivity is a case of retraining – retraining the mind to believe positive things; and there are many ways in which this can be done. But the simplest thing is to begin to appreciate yourself, recognise your talents and understand that when things go wrong for us they are not failures but opportunities for learning.

The four pillars of self-belief will work just as well for positivity as they did for negativity –

1. What you think – you will believe

2. What you believe – you will create

3. What you create – you will manifest in your life, and

4, What you manifest – you will become.

The art of positive thinking releases the personal power that each and everyone of us has within, It is deep down, possibly hidden by negative self-talk, but you can dig deep and find it.

Create a plan for yourself that you can take and use in your daily life. Enrol in our seminar on ‘Positive Personal Power’ which is being held in Brisbane on Wednesday 30th April 2008. Go to info@trischel.com.au for more details on the seminar and get your registration form.

I am positive that you will truly find it life affirming!


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