In order to hold the attention of a large audience, we need to prevent dull boredom setting in. If we have vivid visual aids, if we have a dynamic and organised presentation, then we are half way there. But if we deliver it in a monotonous monotone there will be nothing we can do to prevent the glazed eyes of boredom overtaking our listeners.

So the better your delivery is, the more impact the presentation will be. We need strong vocal techniques and an expressive delivery to hold our audience’s attention. Tone and pitch are natural ways in which we can add that spice of excitement, but there is no denying that some people have a natural aptitude for this. But, if you are not one of them, how to achieve the same purpose?

Using the four P’s of Modulation, anyone can learn the tricks to add sparkle to their presentations.

1. Pause – stopping speaking to add emphasis, or to provide a sense of anticipation “The door creaked and slowly began to open… pause…. Two green eyes glowed in the darkness … pause…and the cat walking in.”

2. Pace – is the quickness of the speaking – slightly faster than normal indicates excitement and anticipation, while slow and measured shows sincerity and conviction.

3. Power – the volume used to express the words. Loud and forceful shows strength and passion, Low and hesitant means emotion or uncertainty.

4. Pitch – set the pitch within your vocal range, but using some variation within that range can also lend an emotional content to your words. Raise the pitch to indicate questioning, drop the pitch to show completion.

The English language has a rhythm and flow to it which, when used properly, falls easily on the ears of your listeners. If you are easy to listen to then you will be easy to understand. When your audience understands what you say, they will be open to believing the message you deliver.

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Michele at Trischel

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