I was speaking with one of my mentor clients the other day and she was lamenting the fact that she was going to be spending several days weeding and cleaning the garden. It was time for them to move house and the garden had to be ready.

Jan I said – “this is an ideal opportunity to clear your mind and let creativity bloom.  Think of all the creative ideas that are going to simmer up to the conscious mind while you are zenning out gardening.  It may be a good idea to keep a piece of paper handy or a recorder – you are sure to have several breakthroughs and AHA moments.”

You see whilst Jan was seeing several hours of weeding – I was seeing the opportunity to not only clearing the garden, it was also an opportunity to clear the mind. The side benefit is that as you pull those weeds out you visualise all the stuff in your mind, the stuff that is holding you back, the stuff that is stopping you from moving forward that you want to pull out of your mind and life. Then as you pull out those weeds and discard them you are also pulling all that stuff, that blockage out of your mind and discarding those thoughts that are holding you back. You are weeding your mind and life garden – wonderful isn’t it.

As your garden is slowly clearing and you are able to see the beautiful flowers and trees in their true light your mind is slowly clearing. You will have a fresh garden and a fresh mind ready to plant the seeds of success for you and your business.

Each time you shake the soil off the weeds you are letting go of a thought that is blocking you. The stronger the weed and the harder you have to pull to get it out the stronger and more deep seated is that belief that is blocking you. Pull the weed out – remove the blocking thought.

It’s amazing how a physical act can help you relate and connect to clearing your mind.

So next time you are faced with a day of gardening – weeding and clearing –  spend the time thinking about the issues and thoughts that are blocking you from your success. Use the time wisely to see how weeding can benefit your mind, your attitude, your outlook and your business.

You will end up with a clear garden and a clear mind prepared for that creativity to bloom.  You will be ready to take that next step forward into success.

Many thanks to Jan Muir Author of The Well Used Key for her contribution to this article with thoughts, suggestions, being prepared to trial the concepts discussed and giving her feedback on how it worked for her. Jan was amazed at how much clarity she achieved and how much blockage she was able to clear.

Let me know how your gardening goes – clear the weeds; clear the mind.

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