Today Trischel held the first of its self development breakfasts for 2010. it was a wonderful start of the day with participants treated to an excellent presentation by our guest speaker – Mark Hunter World Champion of Public Speaking 2009, showing us how to dream our possible dreams and best of all how to achieve those dreams.

The three main points that Mark highlighted for us were:

Self Talk ….. Creates our Future – Choose positive self talk and the person we speak most to is ourselves. How true is this – Mark touched on a number of points that resonated with the audience and that are also expanded on in Trischel’s Positive Thinking Workshops.

What the Optimist Does – Highlighting the areas of permanency, universality and personalisation Mark demonstrated how the optimist deals with good and bad events

in their lives. The optimist links and internalised the good things and translates those things as qualities that permeate their life. The bad happenings are externalised and dealt with as temporary situations to be dealt with then moved on from.

How to Dispel Negative Thinking Mark challenged us to ask 4 questions when negative thinking starts to creep in: What is the actual evidence for feeling this way?, How else could I respond to this situation?, Does my perception of what happened really matter? and Does it help me to think this way? All very relevant suggestions that will help you to think positive and make those positive thoughts work for you to achieve your possible dreams.

The breakfast finished with Mark presenting his speech that won him the title of World Champion of Public Speaking in Connecticut USA in 2009 – “A Sinkful of Green Tomatoes”. The speech was powerful and demonstrated the points that he had highlighted in his earlier presentation.

Many thanks Mark for a wonderful start to the day and a great start to Trischel’s Self Development Breakfast Programme for 2010. Our next breakfast will be on 12 May and will be on De-Stressing Your Work Day.

Trish @ Trischel

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