Do you have a dream? Something that you have always wanted to do; but the time never seemed right?

Perhaps you vaguely remembered that dream while in the middle of living a busy life, and thought “Soon, I’ll get round to doing that” but never seem to get there?

I ask, because up until last year, that was me too. I had always wanted to be a writer, in fact whilst serving in the RAF at Seletar in Singapore I attended a Girl Guide Fete where I crossed the fortune tellers hand with silver. It was official; she told me when I was all of 21 that I would eventually be a writer but that it would take a very long time.

Since then I have changed – first I changed countries and chose Australia; then I changed military service and transferred to the army; then I changed husbands – but that’s a rather long story! – but I never changed my dream.

Not that I did much to achieve it; it was always there at the back of my mind, the knowledge that when the time was right, I would start – however the time never seemed to be right and so I never got round to it.

When we began to develop Trischel, we wanted to share our information, and I began to create informative workbooks which seemed appreciated by those that attended our workshops and courses – but it wasn’t really writing a book.

I never had a hand for fiction, being far better at non-fiction and self-help styles, so I was never going to be another J.K. Rowlings – but I just knew that I wanted to share what I had learnt over time about the things I loved doing.

And then, just over a year ago Dave (from dmwcreative) who designs and maintains our website so effectively; virtually laid down the challenge – write an E-book!!

It seemed so easy to say yes; but the courage to actually sit down and do it – that was another thing. But because I now had someone sort of prodding me along, I could find no further excuses – and you can see the end result of my determination on the side bar now – The ‘Secret’ of creating winning presentations – the step by step guide.”

I can look back now and know that the fortune teller could have been wrong, and I could have done this earlier – all I needed was the belief in myself and the determination to make it happen – oh! and it helps to have someone prodding you occasionally: thanks Dave!

While I never let my dream die, it did become a little faded over time. But all it needed to blossom again was someone who believed I could do it and some real determination from me – and someone who kept niggling and prodding.

So what about your dream? How close to achieving it are you? Are you going to be like me and keep putting it off because ‘someday I’ll get round to it’?

Because I am here to tell you that ‘someday’ has got to be ‘today’ if you want to achieve your dream.

Why not read my book, and make it the thing that challenges YOU – because if I can do it; then so can you!! Let me be the one prodding you onto the determination and the realisation of YOUR dream.

Don’t let the dream die!

Michele @ Trischel

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