Over the weekend I looked at the weeds in the vegie patch, and then at the new book I just received. Yeah! The book won.

Edward De Bono has to be the master of creative thinking, and I have been a fan ever since I read about the “Six Thinking Hats” quite a few years ago now. This new book, “*How to have Creative Ideas – 62 exercises to develop the mind” adds to his already impressive library of works.

You know everyone likes to think that they are creative in some way or other. Being creative adds spice to life, makes it more fun and can add to our sense of achievement.

De Bono tells us that ‘without creativity there is only repetition and routine … creativity is needed for change, improvement and new directions.’

He points out that creativity is essential in business, because with the explosion of the information highway, everything else is merely a commodity which is available to everyone. It is only your organisation’s creativity which can increase your competitiveness.

So do you have a creative mind?

There is a general belief that some people are born creative, but others were not. “Nothing you can do about it” I was told at a recent seminar, “You can’t manufacture creativity out of thin air!” but I don’t believe that is true. You can teach people to be creative, you can improve people’s ability to see alternatives and apply them to routine work practices. Being Creative is a skill that can be taught, just like riding a bicycle. Obviously some people can ride a bike much faster, but that does not diminish other people’s cycling achievements. Creativity is the same.

The brain, according to De Bono, is a ‘self-organising information system’ that looks for patterns. Teaching the brain to indulge in creative thinking is merely to develop that habit.
If we allow ourselves to accept the possibilities of new concepts, new ways of thinking then creative thinking should come naturally.

Possibility is very important. And Possibility is the key to creativity.”

I found this book fascinating and have starting to work through the exercises. By doing one exercise a day, I should develop the habit of seeing the possibilities in situations.

It was De Bono who pioneered the concept of lateral thinking, and now we consider it a vital part of our decision making. I think this book has the same potential to influence ideas in business to our advantage.

Michele @ Trischel

*Edward De Bono. How to have creative ideas – 62 exercises to develop the mind, 2007 Vermilion, an imprint of Ebury Publishing, London.

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