Communication underpins everything you do – forget that at your cost – I know myself that not working on my communication and speaking skills meant that I missed taking advantage of opportunities for many years.  It was not until I gained a mentor who helped me enhance my speaking and communication skills that I was able to grow in my personal development.  This helped me to be a better leader in my working area, led me to have the confidence to go with the opportunity when it came to open my own business and ultimately helped me to be able to share a message that need to be shared at a time in my life that was devastating. I was able to give the eulogy at my son’s funeral – without those speaking skills I would not have been able to do due justice to his life.   
Yes communication underpins everything you do – I am sure that you can identify areas in your life where  effective speaking and communication skills would have assisted you and hopefully not a similar situation that I had, but perhaps situations in your working or business life.  
We only have to look at the recent Queensland election to see more stories that highlight the importance of getting you communication right – it is no good being a leader with a vision and a message if that vision and message cannot be communicated to your followers to bring them along with you.
 It highlights the need to know you audience and know how to connect with them – it highlights the need to know the best medium to connect with your audience and the best medium to get your message across.
Public speaking is the tip of the communication iceberg.  The skills that you learn as a public speaker:
  • Know your audience
  • Know your message – what you want to achieve, what you want the audience to take away
  • The structure of your speech
  • Attention catching openings
  • Call to action conclusions
  •  Connecting with the audience with eye contact, vocal variety and body language
  • Ensuring there is a balance between information and emotional connection
All of these skills are the same skills you need to be an effective communicator to connect with you clients, your customers, your team, your staff, your peers and your suppliers.
When you are an effective communicator and speaker then you will ensure that you will never miss opportunities for your business or for yourself.
Yes communication underpins everything you do – what is your story ….
Trish Springsteen
Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author
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