One of the many questions we are asked in our Communication and and Public Speaking courses is: “Well its easy to know what to talk on at work we are given the subject matter but what do we do when we are asked to speak and the topic is up to us??”

Ideas for speeches come from a variety of sources: the things you read or observe or talk about with family, friends and co-workers on a daily basis. Sometimes these topics of conversation, which may otherwise seem irrelevant, can suddenly spark an idea or relate to an idea already brewing in your head.

Newspapers and magazines are great inspiration for topics, especially in stirring up your opinion on an issue or event

Your hobbies and interests can also provide enough material for speeches. That’s one of the keys to preparing and delivering a good speech: choose a topic that you are interested in and even passionate about.

Speak about something you know. Talk about something that you have earned the right to talk about through study and experience. Subjects should come from your own knowledge and convictions, not from a book or magazine. Talk about your experiences. Carry a notebook with you and write down, as you think of them, all the subjects you are prepared to talk about through life experience.

Selecting the general purpose of a speech is necessary to bring your speaking ideas into focus. The general purposes of each speech are to entertain, inform, or persuade. What message do you want your listeners to take home with them?

Looking for other ways to select a topic to speak about check out the Trischel website for our communication seminars or possibly a one on one Personal Public Speaking Coaching Session. To see some innovative ways on choosing topics attend one of our seminars.

Trish from Trischel

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