Anyone can make a superb speech if they will speak about something that has deeply stirred them. Living, feeling, thinking, enduring – that is the finest preparation ever yet devised for speaking.

Audience analysis is a central element for successfully choosing and narrowing topics for public communication. What would be of interest to your audience? What does the audience already know about the subject? How can you build on this knowledge?

Select a topic that interests you and your audience and is related to your purpose. Topic selection involves the generation of a large number of ideas through brainstorming, flexibility in thinking, and suspension of judgment. The effective speaker willingly considers the appropriateness of ideas and examines all possible associated topics before settling on one topic. Once a general topic has been identified, the narrowing process begins. Speakers must reduce the ideas to manageable size. Time, the breadth of the topic, plus the knowledge of the audience are also significant factors.

Have an eager desire to share with your listeners. An engaging presentation comes from a deep and abiding desire to communicate your convictions and transfer your feelings to your listeners.

Develop Your Speech Title
Relate to topic of your speech. It can be straightforward or you can create interest with an obscure or tantalising title. Keep your audience and the occasion in mind when choosing the appropriate title.

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