I was sitting around one day, gazing at the computer screen and wondering what life was all about.

Work was slow, and life seemed rather tedious – then I read one of those new-age books that said “light this candle, chant these words and your life will change!” So I did. (I did tell you that life was somewhat tedious didn’t I?)

Well now, you have to understand that I am not a believer, BUT … within a few days the phone started ringing and has never stopped. Our Marketing people introduced a new SEO programme that bounced us onto the first page and since then even getting to the blog is becoming an exercise in time-management.

Where is all this leading you may ask – well you may have noticed that I have been absent without your leave for a week, and that is because I have been elsewhere doing other things that pay me more!!

Everyone wants to be successful and Trischel has been enormously successful at doing what we do best, training people to overcome their fear of public speaking and improve their communication skills. Luckily I love what I do, or else I would be lighting another candle – just in case! And some of the success stories have been fantastic. People who arrived fearful of even introducing themselves have left with the confidence that they can communicate with coherence, clarity and conciseness. Others have been astounded that the improvement is immediate; but all this means that my leisurely days of sitting at the computer, dreamily composing a posting full of erudition has taken a back seat.

But I have managed to grab a moment to myself, while all around me is chaos and panic – to let you know that I am off again today, but hope to be back on Wednesday. So why not help me to maintain the momentum! How are your communication skills? Could you benefit from just one day of training which will transform the way you communicate to your staff or clients?

We have proven results, and we can do for you what we have done for others, so why not go on line to www.trischel.com.au and book in for our next One Day Public Speaking Workshop on 25th September.

You know I just might light a candle to that!

In haste

Michele @ Trischel

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