Traveling to Cooroy this evening in preparation for a training session tomorrow it struck me that it was a very good idea that we knew where we were going. This occurred around about the time I passed the turn off for Cooroy and started looking for the road leading to the b&b. I only had the name and the street address to go on, a map reference and my trusty sidekick moaning doom and gloom from the passenger seat, interspersed with some positive thinking.. now and again.

Very often life can be like our trip to Cooroy – we meander along never quite knowing where we are going and feel very triumphant and not a little relieved when we reach our goal or achieve what we set out to do.

Just think how more productive we could be, even less stressed, if we identified our goals, aims, what we want to achieve. After all if we don’t know what we want to achieve how can we plan how to get there or even know when we have arrived.

Do you find yourself in situations like this where you think you have covered all the bases, had a wonderful discussion but on reflection haven’t really got anywhere?

This was happening at Trischel meetings – we were having a lovely time until we realized that we hadn’t discussed half of what we had planned to and really couldn’t identify any closure or completion.

Whilst we enjoyed these meetings we realized that the basic ingredient that was missing was our aim – identifying what we wanted to achieve and planning how to get there.

So it all comes down to planning, identifying goals and most importantly communication.

Once you have identified what you want to achieve, specifically, planned how to achieve it you then need to clearly outline the process to others and obtain commitment and agreement for the journey.

All of which had been completed for our trip to Cooroy – after all we did arrive, within the time frame allowed, safe and sound to the relieved sighs of the side kick who was suitably chastened at the momentary slip in faith in the driver and the admin staff.

Trish @ Trischel

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