– And another informative and challenging day at the PD Retreat. We had 6 very different sessions today. Our journey began with creativity, moved through the 5 steps of transforming our life, encompassed spheres of influence, worked on our attitude, conquered the fire of power point and finished with open space facilitation. Pheww … no wonder we needed to relax with a drink back at the hotel!

We were privileged to meet and talk to Noel Posus who was presented the Coach of the Year award. Noel’s session is on Saturday and we are looking forward to hearing from him. And Michele was delighted to have the opportunity to read Dr Sara Brown’s manuscript for her forthcoming book “Change the Channel Stupid!”

Michele’s pick from the Thursday’s Sessions

Ever since I was introduced to the work of De Bono I have been a fan of different ways of thinking so I was looking forward to the first session today; Neville Dean showed us how to “Unleash the Creative Genius Within”. He opened his session with the dancing lady – which way did she spin, Clockwise or Anti-clockwise? The answer indicated which side of the brain was being used. The challenge was could we change the direction ourselves – Trish and I were a little shocked when we both found that we could change the direction deliberately.

Understanding the creative side of the brain and deliberately engaging it is something I never thought I could do, but Neville showed me the possibilities.

Trish’s pick from the Thursday’s Sessions

My pick for the day was the ’10 Immutable Laws to get the Maximum Value from your Power Point’ presented by Lee Featherby. As some of you would be aware Trischel has an informative and humorous session on the Death by Power Point, so it was good to validate our concepts at this session. Lee presented with passion and advised that 30 million Power Point presentations were done each day! It would be no surprise that the law that most resonated with me was No 4 -Slides Support, You Talk! As Trischel’s expertise is communication and public speaking we were pleased to see this make it into Lee’s 10 Laws.

Looking forward to the final day of the Retreat and consolidating many of the contacts we have made over the past 2 days.

Michele and Trish from Trischel @ Hobart

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